GOT FRIZZ? Get Curls and Rock them!

One of the biggest complaints I get from clients is “what do I do with these curls?”  So many of you have them and have NO idea how to style them. On the other hand, so many of you have them and don’t even know it! Either way, these tips will help you.

It’s summer, it’s hot and you have frizz? Well, time to put up the blow dryer and curling irons and give your hair a break so you can get outside and enjoy this oh-so-short season we have here in Maine.  Texture is back in a big way, natural texture that is (Not bringing back 80’s perms people). Let’s talk about how to tame it and also how to get it.

Frizz=lack of moisture! The solution starts right in your shower.  If you have curly hair you get an automatic in for needing more moisture than the average chick! You have to invest in quality shampoo, conditioners and styling products. By quality I mean professional. The stuff that really gets into the hair and does something. Not the crap (oops, I mean store bought) that claims to, but only strips your hair and coats it with wax and other things that do your hair no good. I mean it, trust your hairdresser to give you a perscription of take-home products that are going to make styling your hair a breeze! Ok, so assuming we have our professional products, on to the styling.

Curls need moisture, so why are you stripping it every 12-24 hours by washing it? STOP that! Go ahead , rinse it in the shower and add conditioner to the ends. Don’t shampoo every day. You don’t need to and it wrecks your hair. Rinsing alone takes out the sweat, dirt etc. I can hear you right now…”I can’t do that, gross! It’ll be greasy.”  BLAH, BLAH, BLAH! I have heard it all, just try it!

Once you are out of the shower lightly towel dry the hair and get a leave-in conditioner in as well as a great styling aid. There are tons of choices here, but you need something to support and give hold to those curls (a great haircut really helps with this too. Find someone who KNOWS curly hair. Cutting curly hair is a whole separate ball game and not all stylists are trained in this area.) Paul Mitchell sculpting foam is one of the oldest and still best selling products today for curls. Weather you prefer a foam, cream, gel or oil, use something great and get it in right out of the shower.

Next, don’t comb it. Run your fingers through it or use a wide tooth comb. You don’t want to pull and stretch out the curls. This roughs is up and starts to really get the frizz started. Once the product is in and you have detangled,  grab your towel and scrunch! Only use a towel for this, NOT your hands. Again, your hands are going to make it frizzy. You can use a low heat dryer with a diffuser if you need to. It’s summer and it’s hot out so leave it in the cabinet and let it air dry.  Tonight, after work (if you have a hot date and want to hit the town), heat up the curling iron. You can polish your natural curls with a few curls added with an iron. Maybe a little tease in the crown area, some hairspray and voila! Day to night hair! Wait, did I say a “little” tease? Go for it and tease it to Jesus ladies, you have a date!

If you read all this and your still stumped, I recommend a styling 101 course with your stylist. Reserve this time with them and tell them you need some styling tips. If they can’t help, you need a new stylist! Now stop fussing with frizz, try these tips, rock your curls and enjoy summer! If you have more questions, I welcome them!

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5 Responses to GOT FRIZZ? Get Curls and Rock them!

  1. Ellen Magoon says:

    Gina, great work again. I totaly agree with evrything you said . Most people just dont know how to deal with curly hair. I always tell them exactly what you suggested. Whether they listen or not is their choice , right? Great Blog!

  2. Lynne says:

    Great tips regarding the “wash frequency”!

  3. Shannon says:

    As a white mom of a biracial daughter, I cannot say enough that finding a stylist who can CUT curly hair well is the first big must-do. And for me, I’ve had to learn how to use the right products for my daughter and to really understand that I can’t do her hair the same way I do my own. Definitely embrace the texture your hair has, and find a skilled stylist and use the best products available (no matter what your hair texture). It’s worth the investment, and nothing is more enviable than gorgeous natural curls! Great tips, Gina!

  4. kiki says:

    Thank you..really informative!!

  5. Lanie says:

    Honestly, when you told me to stop washing my hair everyday I thought you were drunk! But because you had yet to steer me wrong, I did it, well I didn’t do it! And OMGosh… Now I dread the days I have to wash my hair… Still have NOT mastered the frizzy issue but I’m trying…

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