Put Your Best Face Forward

What is the first thing people see? Your beautiful face of course! Are you taking care of it? Have you thought about what will happen if you don’t? Wrinkles or worse, Sun damage! I don’t know about you, but I am am all set with any of those possibilities. So today, I am telling you to put your best face forward and take care of your skin!
I bet most of you don’t think twice when you see the prefect pair of shoes or handbag you HAVE  to have and you will pay top dollar for them! It is time to have that attitude about your skin. Start taking care of and preserving your best asset and your personal “billboard” to the world. It is time to protect your skin, invest in a good quality skin care regime and use sunscreen every day! Those shoes and bag are going to be outdated in a few months, don’t let your face be.

Really, I wish I had gotten this years ago. I never would have gotten in a tanning bed and would have been using sunscreen instead of baby oil (or worse, I actually used Crisco once when laying in the sun). If you are one of those “sun-worshipers”, get yourself a cute sun hat and some sunscreen. You will be so thankful and better looking than your friends years from now. There are so many quality self-tanning products out there that won’t do years of damage or leave you looking like an oopa-loompa! Some that I love are Fake-Bake brand self tanners which come in a variety of application methods (contact your hairdresser to get these, as Fake Bake is professional, but not expensive). I also enjoy going to get professional spray-tan when I can. I personally think having someone spray you over going in  a booth is better and will give you a better, more controlled, even tan. Either way you are better off this way, than baking yourself in the sun and getting wrinkles!

If you don’t have a skin routine, now is the time to start one. When you find a skin care line you love, you will want to wash your face often because of the way it feels! This is how I feel in love with Mary Kay Time Wise skin care. Never before did I faithfully wash my face twice a day, now I can’t wait to! Not only because I know it is preserving what youth I still have, but because my skin feels like I have had a costly facial each time! Take the time morning and night to cleanse your face and follow up with sunscreen for day and I recommend something specific for night time (night solution, moisturizer, eye cream etc). Not only are you going to look amazing, but you will just feel better too! Taking time to care for yourself has a domino effect in all aspects of your life, I promise. Many products now include sunscreen in the moisturizer or foundation so there is no excuse to not use it.


I don’t believe you have to break the bank for a quality product and I’ve tried a lot of them. I do, however believe in taking care of yourself and preventing skin cancer. I know that there are so many products on the market and it can seem overwhelming. I represent Mary Kay, it is the product I know best. I love it and the relationship I get to have one on one with my clients as I get to see their skin change and improve. So this is why I refer to these great products.  I think it is important for you to find what you love, no matter what it is or where you get it. It’s about you and your best face, so protect it.

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