Bridal Style 101

Wedding season is upon us once again. This is my most favorite time of year as a stylist.  I sure have seen and been part of many a wedding in the past 10 years.  I think that THE thing I would tell anyone planning their big day is to create a look that is unique and all you! Sure, you are inspired by photos and other weddings you have seen, but make your look all your own! So, don’t bore me or your stylist with yet another french twist and a cookie cutter veil.  Let’s get creative and put some style into your look which is ALL YOU!

I want more brides to be willing to step outside the box a bit. Really consider your sense of style and how you want that to come across on your big day. There are so many ways to incorporate just a piece of that into your look that really will give you a unique and couture look that NOONE else is going to have.  It is this alone that inspired me to create Blush Couture Accents. Couture one-of-a-kind veils and head pieces to really give that added touch to a fabulous hairstyle created by myself.  The secret is all about getting to know the bride, seeing the dress and other plans for the wedding which enables me to create and add that finishing touch to their look.

Sure, you can purchase a veil and/or headpiece at the bridal gallery you got your dress from. But, why not consider something else more unique to you? Go ahead, try on a ton of options, even those you may think won’t work at all. Add a pop of color in your hair with a colored birdcage veil or a bright and colorful hair piece to give your look that WOW factor. It is amazing how something that simple can pull everything together. The bride seen in these photos did not think she wanted a veil at all. After my meeting her and taking in all the details of her day and seeing pictures of her dress, I said “let me make a bird cage veil for you, just in case”. The day of the wedding we put it on after her hair and makeup was all done and the birdcage veil was exactly what tied her entire look together. She and everyone getting ready with us that day could not believe how perfect it was and how unique it made her look!

Another way to really put your touch on your wedding look is to CHANGE IT UP!  A look for the ceremony, which is more classic and formal and A totally different look for the reception which is more fun and flirty. This is achieved by having your stylist on location with you for the day and through the wedding.  Ater your post-ceremony pictures are taken, you and your stylist can meet for a quick style change. Maybe your hair was up, sleek and classic for the ceremony. Now is the time to let your hair down and add a fun little hair accessory for the reception! This really is one of my favorite ideas and I have been fortunate enough to do this for a few of my brides. You hear of brides changing their dresses, so why not your hair?

In order to really achieve a more unique you on your wedding day, it is so important that you make sure you have a stylist who really loves creating up-do hairstyles.  You want someone you can trust, who comes highly recommended and who is creative.  Most hairstylists really don’t like doing them at all. I think that for your wedding day you need someone who is passionate about it, otherwise you are not going to achieve what you really wanted and when you look back at pictures you will regret not finding someone else for your wedding day style. Not to mention, this is your day. You want everyone around you to be loving it as much as you!

Brides, get creative and be unique! For questions or hairstyle or accessory ideas, please       e-mail me at

Photos by Audra Photography
These looks created by:

The L Factor Salon Brewer, Maine




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  1. ashley says:

    I Love this! Such valuable information! I’m still planning my wedding and I have the dress, tiara and veil but I really want what I wear on Our day to look like “me”. 🙂 this has me thinking that I might want to change some stuff so I can make Our day trully memorable! <3

  2. Elanor says:

    Where exactly is the facebook like button ?

    • Gina Leonard says:

      I am working on getting that added to my blog. Thanks for asking and if you could maybe share my blog via facebook I would appreciate that so we can spread the word.

  3. Jacelyn says:

    This is exactly something I need to do more research into, thanks for the post.

  4. Bench says:

    Beneficial submit, I actually watch for up-dates by you.

    • Gina Leonard says:

      Thank you so much. I appreciate that! I just absolutely LOVE what I do and want to share with everyone!

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