Summer Beauty Essentials

Summer is here for sure and who knows how long it is going to stay! So let’s not spend all kinds of time inside getting ready, doing our hair and makeup. Here are some quick and easy tips to simplify  your hair and makeup routine this summer.

I always say that when our salon starts flying through hair lightener, Spring is here! Everyone wants to add some lighter pieces to their hair when it warms up and they should! Nothing can leave you feeling brighter inside and out,  but that is just the beginning of the beating your hair starts to take as the weather gets warmer.  Sun exposure and chlorine wreak havoc on your hair! This is the time when you should be protecting your hair at home by adding a leave-in conditioner to your routine to replenish the moisture you are loosing this summer. I also recommend scheduling a in-salon intensive hair repair treatment. Paul Mitchell recently came out with their Awaphui Wild Ginger KeraTriplex intensive in-salon treatment that is amazing!  It will leave your hair 80% stronger after the first treatment! This treatment offers intense strengthening, moisture and shine to transform your dry, damaged hair!



When it comes to your makeup take advantage of the season and keep it light and easy!

Want to see just how easy it is with only 4 PRODUCTS…yes, I say only 4!

1.  A tinted moisturizer with SPF is really all you should need for your skin. This is going to moisturize, give you light coverage and protect your skin from the sun with built in SPF. I have a secret too. If you currently don’t have a tinted moisturizer in your possession, make a cocktail by mixing your moisturizer and liquid foundation together! Voila! BUT, like I said, make SURE your moisturizer contains SPF! This is so important…..PROTECT your SKIN!

2. Cream Blush is by far the best thing invented!  This is a product you can use on your cheeks, eyes AND lips for an easy -peasy daytime makeup look!  How perfect and easy is that? It just doesn’t get better!

3. I will admit this to all of you……I NEVER leave the house without Mascara! I may have on my sweats and my hair may be super duper dirty and need of washing, but I HAVE to have mascara on! That is just me, but I also bet it is most of you too (minus the dirty-hair part, since I am still trying to convince most of you to stop washing your hair so much)! Now, I can also tell you I have tried all of them and I also admit I would pay (and have) LOTS of money for a good one. I recently switched to Mary Kay Ultimate Mascara. I gave it a try, reluctantly and I honestly can tell you I LOVE it and my eyelashes have never been healthier or longer. (No, really. They have grown since I started using it). For under $20 you can’t go wrong!

4. Finish your summer look with a lip gloss, tinted lip balm or chapstick. Something light that keeps your lips looking lucious and healthy.

So, there you have it! Call and book a intensive conditioning treatment today with your stylist so that when summer is over you don’t HAVE to get that pixie hair cut becuase you neglected and fried your hair all summer long! After you do that, go put up all that other stuff and simplify you summer makeup routine. We all know how LONG winter is here, so take advantage of the lite summer makeup trends!

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