Giving Back is the New Black!

I just had to blog about this today. I think in the midst of all things trendy, stylish and beautiful the most important thing that any one of us can do is give back in some way. What that can do for your inner beauty as well as the gifts you give to others who are in need is simply priceless. I feel that these times are the most urgent and I hope that this blog on this topic inspires you to give back today and every day.

In August a very dear friend of mine, Shannon Wheeler, will be flying to Ukraine along with her husband on a mission trip. She has done lots of creative things to fund this mission. Shannon owned and operated her own nail salon and has been a licensed nail tech for 15 years. She recently introduced me to Shellac nail products.  Shellac is an amazing nail product that gives you a flawless manicure that will last two weeks! I know that I am extremely excited to be able to offer this at my salon as well as start to use it on myself! Hair Stylists never get to have nice nails because of our hands constantly being in water, but that problem is solved with this product! I have invited Shannon to be a guest blogger today to talk more about this product as well as her mission trip in August to Ukraine.

Saturday July 30th, Shannon will be offering Shellac at The L Factor Salon in Brewer, Maine in order to raise funds for her mission trip in August. 100% of the money she gets for services will go towards this mission trip. Something as simple as me giving her a space to work allows her to raise money for her mission trip. So see, giving back doesn’t have to be complicated. I think it is really all about just being aware and involved with what is going on in the community and seeing what inspires you.  Giving back to your community, your country or to orphan children in Ukraine is really the ONE thing that you can do which is going to make you your most beautiful!  Acts of kindness are proven to have a domino effect, so get out there and be a Day Maker!


So welcome my Guest Blogger, Shannon Wheeler!

Shannon Wheeler

“Gina, thanks so much for having me over today to talk about Shellac!  I’ve been doing nails since 1996, and I enjoyed ten years of owning Finger Paints Nail Salon in Bangor before staying home with my kiddos and doing some consulting and training for nail departments locally.  Without question, Shellac is the most perfect nail product I’ve ever seen.  I’ve had clients leave behind decades of acrylic, gel and natural manicures because they fell in love with Shellac.

What’s so cool about Shellac is that it’s been designed to be a hybrid gel-polish, so you get the best of both worlds.  Some other companies make colored gels, but the removal has sometimes been lengthy or caused damage to the nail or the product appeaers thicker than some clients desire.  And it’s so hard to keep up a natural manicure if you have a busy, kid-chasing, dish-washing, real-life lifestyle.  So with Shellac, you can have flexible, polish-thin color that is cured under a UV light to an indestructible mirror-finish, so you can dig in your purse, grab your keys, buckle yourself in and not have to stick around the salon for a half hour to dry your nails or walk out and ding up your nails after just investing in having them done.  Shellac is perfect on toes, too, so no more sand-dulled pedis or sock prints in your polish during those long winter boot-wearing months!

So the application is a breeze: no more than 30 minutes, and you’re out the door, right?  But the removal is a breeze, too, and that’s a big deal.  In only a few minutes’ time, your nails are individually wrapped for removal, and the product has been designed to break apart and easily be pushed off the nail surface, so those days of filing and clipping are behind you!  Your gorgeous Shellac’d nails will look amazing for two weeks, and then you just have your nail professional do the quick removal and reapplication.

If you’re planning your wedding party salon visit, Shellac can be done right on your wedding day, so you don’t have to try to squeeze in a salon trip right before the rehearsal dinner and hope you don’t wreck your nails before the big day – and they’ll stay gorgeous during the whole honeymoon!

As a nail professional, I always am concerned about the health and condition of my clients’ nails, and I’ve never seen anything that is more protective and more gentle on my clients’ nails than Shellac, so if you struggle to get length, or if you’re growing off damage from too much electric filing on those acrylics you have worn, or if you have great nails you want to keep healthy and strong, you will find what you’re looking for with this product.  It’s revolutionized the nail industry since its launch in May of last year, and there are growing numbers of shops here in our area offering this wonderful service.  I would really encourage you to treat yourself to a good Shellac-ing!

When Asked what inspired her Mission to Ukraine this is what she said.

“Almost two years ago, my husband and I came to know a boy our hearts now call “son.” He’s an orphan… one of more than 147 million orphans in this world, but he has a name and a story, and we love him. He is our Sasha.  He has aged-out of eligibility for adoption, but we’ve promised to be a family to him, even if we’re on the other side of the world.  So next month, my husband and I are going to meet him and spend a week at the center where he lives.  There are about 20 children who live at this center, and we’re taking gifts to them from generous folks right here in our community. We’re also looking forward to buying and preparing food for the kids and doing what we can to meet their needs.  Recently I joined the all-volunteer staff of Project HOPEFUL, which works to advocate for orphans around the world who are living with HIV, so we’re also working to take supplies and build some connections with children who are living with HIV and their caregivers.

The needs around us can seem so large, so overwhelming.  But we’ve found that the best way to make an impact is to just see needs one person at a time.  When we each do something, even something small, that’s how real change is achieved.”

I hope that this piece inspires you today and every day!




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