Wedding Day Jitters

August is here and wedding season is in full swing, my most favorite time of year as a hair stylist. I am one of few stylists who actually LOVE wedding hair and up-do’s.  I travel to wedding locations often, which I absolutely love. When I travel to the brides location I really get to be a part of the entire event especially seeing the bride in her dress preparing to walk down the isle. It is amazing and I have met some really great people this way. In traveling to different locations I have learned a few things about the wedding day preparation and I would like to share them with you.  After all, most of you have not planned a wedding before so it is hard to know exactly what to expect.  This blog is dedicated to just that and things I want you to consider and be prepared for on your wedding day.

If you have not hired a wedding planner yet, do it!  I wish I had know this for my own wedding. I can’t tell you the difference all around when I see a wedding who has a planner versus one who doesn’t. The bride is so much more calm and relaxed, which is what she should be. You should soaking up every little moment and spending time with loved ones instead of running around like a crazy lady all stressed out. You can hire a planner for numerous things which I think anyone can work into the budget. A planner can help you get organized, recommend vendors, plan the entire event or be hired to work the day of the wedding setting up and organizing the day. I work with wedding planner, Amber Small of Sweetest Thing Weddings exclusively.  I just can’t stress at how invaluable a wedding planner is to you and your wedding. Leave this stuff to the professionals.Sweetest Thing Weddings


You are most likely going to be running late on the day of your wedding and that is OK. It isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it just happens. I say be prepared ahead of time and schedule an extra hour in just to be safe. I always schedule the wedding party an hour or two ahead of when I really thing we need to start just to give that extra time cushion. This also allows time for others who may not have scheduled to have their hair or makeup done to be able to do so. Always better to be done early rather than late.

Consider hiring your stylist to come to you and your location day of wedding. This is yet another way to take more stress out of your day. One less thing you have to do and bit of insurance, if you will. Reduce the risk of having to organize people to get to yet another location and then back again. I love to travel to the bride, it gets me out of the salon for a day and off to some pretty gorgeous locations.  Hiring your stylist to come to you is a bit more expensive than going into the salon, but well worth every penny. Consider that you are paying for the convience, their travel time and the fact that the stylist is pulled out of the salon(they are not going to want to do so if it means making less money than they would working in the salon that day). You also have the option ( with your stylist at your spot) to change it up and maybe sport two wedding hairstyles (one for ceremony and one for reception) as well as having the stylist there for last minute touch up’s once you are dressed and ready to roll.

Ok, Brides-to-be, here is it! The thing I like to call the “OH CRAP” moment. All of us have had one on our wedding day and you, most likely, will too! This really is the whole reason for my writing this blog today. I wanted to prepare you for it and to reassure you that is it OK! Almost every single bride has her “Oh Crap” moment in my chair. Why? I think it is because once I sit you down to do your hair, you are stuck in that seat (usually staring at yourself in a mirror) until I am done and the mind starts racing. An “Oh Crap” moment isn’t a bad moment and usually is just that “I am getting married today!!!!!!” feeling. After all, this is the day that us girls dream about our whole lives. None-the-less, it can be overwhelming. I can actually watch it start to happen. First, the bride gets quiet, she starts staring off somewhere, she requests the music and/or room to be quiet and she starts sweating (I think you get the picture). I always am happy that they are having this moment with me, I feel kinda special. I know how to handle it and recognize it immediately. I usually just whisper to her and tell her to breathe, turn her away from the mirror, ask that everyone be quiet (is she needs that and I also have cleared the room before), get her a drink and even stop for a bit if she needs to. I reassure her that she is not the first to feel this way (it happened to me too on my day) and she won’t be the last either.
The best part about the “Oh Crap” moment is seeing her get past that and just become overjoyed and literally glowing!  I realize I kind of made this moment sound a bit warm and fuzzy and in a way really it isn’t so bad. I left out the very rare “Bridezilla Oh-Crap” moments, those we just get through and forget about (until I write my book with all those juicy stories in it, stay tuned).

Really brides, Wedding Day Jitters really is normal. Just remember that at the end of the day, you WILL be married and that is what counts! I do think it is important to be prepared, organized and follow my advice and that of other professionals you are working with to avoid most of the stuff that does or can stress you out.  Remember that the professionals have worked on and for many more weddings than you have planned, trust their expertise. Good luck to all of you! I welcome questions, please e-mail me at

Regina Leonard is a licensed Stylist and Salon Owner with 10+ years experience. She creates one-of-a-kind headpieces and birdcage veils and also is a Senior Mary Kay Consultant.

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