Falls BEST Accessory…YOUR HAIR!

Ok ladies I have THE solution to all your problems (well hair problems anyways) and what I consider “Falls BEST ACCESSORY”, your HAIR! Are you constantly complaining about your hair because it is too thin, the wrong color, fine, fragile, too short, boring, suffer from alopecia, hair growing back after chemo, or maybe you are growing out all or part of your hair? Have you thought about Hair Extensions? This is a growing trend in our area which I believe is due to more and more stylists getting the training needed to be able to offer this to clients in our area. I have been doing different types of Extensions for years and was “self-taught” for the most part. Not necessarily a bad thing, but recently I became Certified with SoCap U.S.A Extensions. It opened up a new world of possibilities for me and my clients and I wanted to share this with all of you!

When ever you see someone in a magazine or on t.v. with thick luxurious hair I PROMISE you she has extensions in her hair! They are used for length, volume and more recently, for color! You can add highlights, a darker color, or even a bright color in minutes without having to color your own hair at all! I really love the idea of the fun bright colors for all ages because of the lack of commitment, damage to the hair and/or fading. Most of the bright colors (pinks, purples, blues, yellow, greens etc), don’t last long on natural hair because it first has to be lightened and they fade quickly! This is not true of extensions. These colors are vibrant and the color lasts as long as they do, which is 3-6 months with proper care.

Extensions can be a long, tedious and expensive process. But, they don’t HAVE to be.  The exciting part is that there are SO many options for you just within the extensions, that anyone can benefit!  You are able to add volume and length easily in only a couple of hours (tops) and it will last 3-6 months with proper care! How great is that! Not to mention, it is easy to maintain and comfortable to wear. I am currently wearing some and can say that they feel like my own hair entirely.

Want to be even MORE trendy? That is where the new hottest trend right now is Feather Extensions come in! You now can add feathers of all shapes, sizes and colors into your hair. They can be washed and curled just like your hair….who knew? Another option is swarovski crystals added into your hair. Here is where I get excited and think how much better a prom up-style can be now! Forget the glitter we used in the past, what sparkles more than swarovski crystals?

Getting excited? I KNOW, I was too! I can tell you that wearing them, you soon get addicted! I recommend that you do some research and find yourself an expert! Not all extensions are created equal no matter what they try to tell you. You are going to be so much happier when you invest your time and money into a quality product than when you try to find it cheaper elsewhere. I am speaking from experience on this one ladies. Before I ever tried any methods of extensions on clients I first tried them on myself. This is a place where you truly and honestly get what you pay for.  I know you will have many more questions and I am open and willing to answer them. E-mail me at Getginafiedbdn@gmail.com


Gina Leonard is a Licensed cosmetologist, Co-Owner of The L Factor Salon and Mary Kay Senior Consultant with 10+ years experience.
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