Let’s Kick Cancer’s BUTT!!!



August 20, 2011 is the 2nd Annual Champion The Cure Challenge. I have been preparing for this event all year, attempting to raise as much money as myself and our salon can raise to do our part to give back and help out and this year We raised $4000.00. Did you know that 100% of the money raised for Champion the Cure Challenge stays right here in Brewer, Maine at Cancer Care of Maine? I don’t think I know anyone who hasn’t been touched by cancer is some way or another. Cancer has touched my life personally and professionally.  As a hairstylist I see cancer all too often and at times I find myself in a private room shaving someones hair who has begun chemo. That is a part of my job I am honored to do, but I despise it! I lost an Aunt to cancer and just a short time after that my Mother was diagnosed. We are  proud to say she almost 6 years Cancer FREE! I believe we say that because of what money raised through events like this has done.  Her cancer was detected early and I am sure thankful for that! All of this inspires me to do what I can to give back and why I think it is important to cover this event.

The best part about Champion the Cure Challenge is that 100% of the money raised stays right here at Cancer Care of Maine.  There is not another fundraiser that covers ALL types of cancer and keeps 100% of the money raised in OUR state. It is this fact which excited me and I find that many people are still unaware of that fact. I think most of you know that Maine has a very high cancer rate and we need research to get to the bottom of that so we can prevent and cure this awful disease. It is research that is needed and research takes MONEY. My dear friend, cancer survivor and Philanthropy Project Manager at Healthcare Charities, Jenifer Lloyd had this to say when I asked her her goals with Champion the Cure Challenge:

“Thank you to all that are supporting Champion the Cure Challenge.  My hope is that someday chemotherapy that causes hair loss and other tough side effects will be part of medical history.”



There is still plenty of time to get involved this year! The event takes place Saturday, August 20th right at Cancer Care of Maine in Brewer. You can register online  at Championthecurechallenge.org to participate, volunteer or to sponsor someone or a team who is participating this year! You can walk, run, bike or even ride your motorcycle! I challenge you to find one way that works for you and get involved to make it easier for the next person who hears “You have Cancer” and is faced with having to walk through those doors on the hill.



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