Recently I have been made aware of many reported cases of HEAD LICE in the Bangor and Ellsworth area. This is not a subject anyone likes to talk about, in fact I am already itching just thinking about it. I do find it necessary to get the word out and inform you all in the hopes you will pass the information on! What concerns me the most is that school is about to start which means this can spread like wildfire once the kiddos are all together again!


Starting right now it is important to check your kids heads at least once a week, even once they get back to school. Don’t count on the schools to do or or even for them to report to you that their are any cases of lice when in fact their are. It is unfortunate that schools don’t do a better job of this, but they don’t and that leaves it up to us. Nape of the neck and behind the ears are places I check first. You can use a pencil or comb to check if you want to, but this isn’t going to prevent cross-contamination. If you have kids,  invest in a lice comb just to have on hand. If you think your child may have lice, you can use this comb to be sure. I can tell you right now, if they have lice you will know it! The lice themselves are reddish-brown in color and the nits are white and lay on the hair shaft itself. The comb will pull them out and you will see for sure.

If you or your children have lice I strongly recommend NOT using RIT or any other over the counter treatments. The truth is they don’t work! These products are hazardous to our health and their are other options, safer and more effective options.  If you find lice at home grab the olive oil, soak their hair in it and follow with a plastic bag wrapped around it. Let them sleep with the oil in their hair overnight, it will suffocate the head lice.  There is a line of products called “Fairy Tales”, carried by salons only. Our salon started carrying this line last fall and have had HUGE success with it and clients love the products. These products are all natural and include; Shampoo, Conditioner, Detangler, Styling aids which ALL prevent head lice (and they smell awesome). This product also has a lice treatment which is all natural and WORKS! I actually had a client whose children had lice and she had tried everything before calling me. I got her this treatment and in one dose, they were gone! There is also a specific comb that goes with this product which is KEY to success because it works so well at removing the lice and nits!

Rest assured that if you have lice you are NOT dirty and should NOT feel ashamed what-so-ever. Call your hairstylist right away for advice and if you aren’t comfortable doing that, then call ME at the salon and I will further assist you! I also recommend for further information and resources regarding Head Lice and everything you need to know to treat it, prevent it and what to do and what NOT to do.


I welcome questions and comments! Please e-mail me at

Feel free to contact me at the salon in you or your children have lice and you need assistant or if you want to order or purchase Fairy Tales Products and treatments 989-5515

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