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Gina Leonard

Today I am addressing some common questions I get from clients and friends in regards to all things hair, makeup and fashion. I am not attempting to create a “Dear Abby” feel to my blog, but I think every now and again I will include this type of Q and A format to address these questions and keep you all informed! Please keep the questions coming and I hope you enjoy it!


How do you know when it’s time for a new style or maybe even a new hairdresser?

 I think this can be a tricky situation! Personally I always let my clients know that they can and need to tell me if they are unhappy! You have to communicate with  your stylist. If you are unhappy with your hair or you want change you should voice that to them. I do think your stylist should also be checking in with you and also suggesting changes every now and again to you to keep your look updated! You should feel amazing when you leave the salon with your hair, how it looks and feels. You also should leave the salon knowing you had a great experience and feel that you want to go back. If either of those things are not true for you than you need a new hairstyle and/or a new hairdresser!


What is a good tip?

This is a question that I get all the time! I first want to say that I don’t think you should feel that you HAVE to tip your hairstylist. I think that you should tip them if you are happy with your service just as you would any other service you receive. Generally tipping follows the same guidelines as a waitress does and those fall anywhere from 10-20%. If your salon also has assistants that worked on you and you want to tip them, then that falls around 5%. I hope this helps!

Is there an age when long hair is inappropriate?

I really think that that depends on the individual situation and person. There is definitely NOT a magic number when you have to cut your hair just because you have reached it! I think if your hair is long, beautiful and HEALTHY and it flatters your face than you should most definitely keep it long. I think that sometimes longer hair on some women actually makes them look younger and that short hair can and usually makes someone look older. So, to answer that question, it is up to you!


Is there anything women can do for thinning hair as they age?

There most definitely is! Don’t ever feel alone in this situation and do know that most women fight with thinning hair and age really doesn’t have much to do with that! You want to make sure if your hair is thinning that it isn’t a health issue, such as thyroid, so get that checked first. You should be taking a daily vitamin and maybe even a vitamin specifically for hair and nails. There are products that help with thinning hair and will at least help you to keep what hair you have left. Rogaine makes drops for women that are applied twice a day to the top of your head. You can find these right at walmart and they even have a generic brand that works just as well. I also recommend and personally use Nioxin products to help with fine thinning hair. These are products you have to purchase from your hairdresser or a salon.





How does a woman over 60 stay looking “chic” without having “granny” hair!

The key to not looking like a “granny” is to not get a “granny” haircut! Being over 60 doesn’t mean that you have to have a certain haircut or even that you have to keep it short. Find a cut that works for you, your lifestyle and your hair type. Consider color in some form, either all over or with foils to just tone down some of your gray. I do find that it is the gray hair that is going to age you more than anything. Very few mature women are blessed to have gorgeous silver/white gray hair that actually looks good on them, if you are one of them, than congratulations.

Some of my pregnant friends avoid color treatments.  What are the risks involved with coloring while pregnant & what is safe?

This is a question that I get all the time. I can tell you that I personally believe it to be safe. Our salon uses Paul Mitchell hair color and it is one of the safest on the market. Today’s color has very little ammonia in it. There is as much research that says it is safe as there is that say it isn’t. It needs to be your personal choice. There are options for you like foiling for example, that doesn’t touch your scalp. You also can use a semi-permanent color that is ammonia free. I must also tell you that Henna or any other “natural” color is NOT an option and in fact worse for you and stronger than anything else you could ever put on your head. Make the decision with you and your doctor and if the answer is no to color, than move to foiling only or just rock the trend that is “balayage” color for 10 months.





I hope that my answers helped you and I welcome more! E-mail me at

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