Hottest new trend in Nails……SHELLAC!

I don’t know about you, but I do not have time to get to the manicurist every week to get my nails done. I don’t even have time to paint my own at home. I don’t want to deal with the smell of acrylic nails, or the cost of upkeep.There is a new product that is revolutionizing the nail industry and this means I have the perfect solution for you!  Have you heard about the newest and most amazing trend in nails? If you haven’t it is time you caught up and learned about Shellac, how amazing it is, how long it lasts, how affordable it as and how little time it takes out of your schedule.

Shellac is a gel-polish hybrid that last up to 2 weeks. It goes on similarly to nail polish and is cured under a UV light like a gel nail product, leaving you with beautiful manicured nails that are indestructible! Day 14, your nails will look as good as they did Day 1. This includes the shine and shimmer that we all love. Because this product is a gel hybrid, your nails are going to be strong and flexible. Before using this product, my nails never grew due to my line of work. My nails are constantly in water, hair color, hair products, etc (and this is just my day job).  There is not a product out there that withstand my lifestyle and I am willing to bet that most of you ladies out there have the same issue. Before I was introduced to Shellac I just gave up on taking care of my nails. For years I did the acrylic nail thing. It just took up way too much of my time and money. I had to go in about every 10 days and in the meantime was severely damaging my own nails. I gave up and decided that I am an artist therefore my hands and nails are just going to have to look like crap! Well, I am so happy to say those days are OVER and it is time for you to jump on board and into this trend that is Shellac nails!

Shellac cannot be used to lengthen your nails, but it will help you be able to grow them by keeping them strong and flexible. A shorter, natural nail is definitely on trend and more appropriate these days (unless you live in Jersey, apparently). So, I say go get those acrylics off and get Shellac’d! This is a product that has to be applied by a professional, you cannot do this at home. Because this product is cured by a UV light, your manicure is dry instantly! Typical manicures don’t completely dry for up to 3 hours after you are finished. Shellac is dry as soon as it is done and immediately indestructible! How often you will need it re-done will depend upon your nail growth (usually about 14 days). Having it removed is simple and can be done quickly at the salon right before you have Shellac re-applied! Shellac can also be applied to your TOES, yes I said toes! How great is that?  Because of how quick and easy this process is, fitting it into your schedule is easy and only takes 30 minutes!  Expect to pay more than your typical manicure for this product, but trust in knowing it is SOOOOO worth it!


Gina is a licensed cosmetologist, salon owner and Senior Mary Kay consultant with 10+ years of experience.

Please Contact The L Factor for more information or to book your Shellac appointment 989-5515


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