Got 10 minutes?

You got a great haircut and style at the salon and you feel like a million bucks when you leave, you just may go buy a new outfit. The problem? How are you going to replicate this at home? Your stylist should have educated  you on how and what she did do to your hair and also recommended products to support your new hairstyle. Even if they did do all of this, I realize that most of us can’t do it the same way at home. I am a hairstylist and I can’t style my hair the same way that I can style clients. Mostly because you are at a different angle and that you have the time to do it! My day starts early with two kiddos to get ready (as I am sure is similar for you too), I sure don’t have time to sit down and blow-dry and style my hair for 30+ minutes. I am lucky to have 10! Because of this, I realized that we all need a few ideas on how to style your hair in under 10 minutes at home and I have opened my “bag of tricks” to share with you!


One of my secrets to styling my hair to save TONS of time is baby powder. Yes, I said baby powder. Don’t bother washing your hair today ladies, grab the powder. Shake into your hand and apply in any and all greasy areas of your hair. It acts as a dry shampoo and will take care of that (no need to buy expensive dry shampoos). Shake your hair, touch up a couple areas quickly with a flat iron or curling iron and you are out the door!

Another way that I save tons of time is by showering at night and making sure my hair is dry, either by air-drying or blow drying (NEVER sleep on wet hair). The next morning I use my trusty HOT ROLLERS! These really are my BEST FRIEND! I have had my set for years……seriously, since high school. I love them and they save me tons of time. The secret to using them is being creative with how you put them in. Think about how you would use your curling iron and which direction you would roll your hair with that. The same technique applies with the rollers. Try putting them in all different directions, some forward and some back. The best part about them is you can put them in in the a.m., have your coffee do your makeup, get dressed, get the kiddos ready and off to the bus (don’t go outside with them in, you will mortify your kids). I wait till the last minute before I leave before I take them out. I take them out, shake and go! Your hair will be a bit big and bouncy, don’t panic. Over the next hour and throughout the day it will settle and be perfect, trust me! Still confused on how to use your rollers? Bring them with you to your next hair appointment and have your stylist teach you, you could even make an appointment just for a styling lesson.


Lucky for all us us, the ponytail is the hot new trend in fall hairstyles this year! I personally believe that the ponytail never goes out of style! Even if you have just enough hair to pull back, grab your elastic and rock it! My new favorite type of ponytail holder is one that we use in the salon for up-do’s. I recently started using it on myself and I love them and find them so easy to use. They look like an open ponytail holder with two hooks on either end. You hook one end in, wrap around and hook the other end in……voila! Make your pony tail sassy by teasing the crown of your hair first and keeping it a bit more messy. You can also put in your ponytail the way you normally would and then pull out some of the hair from the top and then re-tighten it. Get creative and use a hair accessory with your ponytail like a fun head band or hair piece. Just have fun with it and don’t try to make it perfect!


Here is the quickest of all tricks ladies, grab a hat! There are tons of cute and trendy hats out there that will really make your outfit and fall is the perfect time to try to this out! You can leave your hair down under it or try a low ponytail with it or even a messy bun! Some days I just don’t feel like doing my hair, I don’t even have 10 minutes or I over-slept! On these occasions, I grab a hat! Give it a try!






Gina is a licensed cosmetologist, salon owner and Mary Kay Senior consultant with 10+ years experience. She welcomes questions and comments. Please e-mail her at




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4 Responses to Got 10 minutes?

  1. MaryAsk says:

    Thanks for the tips! 🙂 specially the one about the baby powder LOL. I can’t handle the hot rolls, I prefer clipless curling irons. I just bought a great one at safrons, it’s the Karmin Salon Pro clipless tourmaline curling iron, it works pretty good, and it only takes me a very short amount of time to get big loose curls.

  2. Nancy Mason says:

    What brand of hot rollers do you recommend? those pictured looked pretty easy with the clip. Thanks!

    • Gina Leonard says:

      I don’t have a particular brand in mind. Depending on the length of your hair, you will want average sized rollers for shorter lengths and bigger rollers for longer hair. If you have access to a Sally Beauty Supply, they will have a great selection. Good Luck!

  3. Blair says:

    Saved as a favorite, I enjoy your blog! 🙂

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