Top 5 MUST Haves!

I woke up this morning and started my daily routine like all of you. Today I was running late and I thought to myself “what could I eliminate to save time today?” What was easier for me was knowing the things I just can’t live without! I decided to share these with you in a list of my TOP 5 MUST Haves! They are  the things I just can’t live without when it comes to my beauty routine.


This may not seem like something to include in your beauty routine, but this is MY top 5 list and COFFEE is something I cannot live without. I don’t know about you, but I just CANNOT start my day without it! I don’t recommend talking to me before I have it and I wouldn’t attempt putting on my makeup or getting dressed before I have it! I don’t care how late I am running (which doesn’t happen often), I am gong to have coffee before anything else.


#2 Mary Kay Time Wise Cleanser

My favorite part of my morning and my night routine is washing my face with this cleanser. I have tried EVERYTHING out there when it comes to skin care and this product line is amazing! It is why I decided to become a Mary Kay consultant. I had to share it with everyone, since I avoided ever trying it (thinking it was for “old ladies”). Let me tell you, not only is this product going to cleanse my face and make it feel like I just had a $100 facial, it is going to keep me looking younger! I challenge you to take a look around you, do you see that woman who looks amazing? She has great skin and you know she MUST be in her 40’s, yet she looks in her early 30’s. I would be willing to bet you that she uses Mary Kay too……just sayin.

#3 Mascara


Ok, this product really should be my #1 MUST HAVE, but I decided to go in order of my daily routine. And since I told you I can’t start my day without coffee, I also can’t go without my mascara (I just don’t try putting it on before I have had coffee). I don’t care if I have NO other makeup on at all, but I have to have mascara. I just feel naked without it and I also look really tired. I also have tried every type of mascara out there and I am willing to spend some serious money on good mascara. I was pretty loyal to a Loreal Extra Volume before I entered Mary Kay world. I remember saying that I would try their mascara, but I doubted it would work as well. I was wrong! Not only does it work better, my lashes have grown longer since using it! Mary Kay doesn’t claim that, but it is true for me. I love that it can be layered and layered on, it doesn’t clump, doesn’t dry out and lasts longer than others do and it only costs $15!

#4 Paul Mitchel Extra Body Hairspray


I will never forget when this hairspray came out! I was always frustrated because I had two hairsprays. An Aerosol for smoother styles and a pump-style hairspray for my curls. I wanted a spray that was a combination of both of these and VOILA! I actually jumped up and down when I first tried it! It is such a great hairspray all around for everyone! I have to have this product not only for myself, but when I am styling clients hair as well. It gives you as much hold as you want, depending on how much you use. I love the big air-horn looking nozzle and how it directs the spray where you want it. The fall back of that, is that it does tend to clog. Every time you use it, you just have to be sure to de-clog it first. No big deal, the benefits outweigh that minor detail

#5 Lip Gloss

The last thing I put on before I start my day is my lip gloss! I am not really a lipstick kind of girl. I just hate having to re-apply it or worrying about it being on my teeth! Lip Gloss comes in TONS of great colors, goes on fast and easy. Days off I simply wear mascara and lip gloss ONLY! It just looks fresh and healthy! There are tons of great lip gloss out there. I used to always stock up at Christmas with Victoria’s Secret 5 for $15 dollar lip gloss and I still have plenty of them. I really love my Mary Kay Lip Gloss too! I love the perfect shade and amount of pigment and how well it stays on! We all have our fav and I can’t live without mine!


I look forward to hearing from you and what your MUST HAVES are in your daily routine! E-mail them to me at!



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