Time to Spice it up!

The leaves are starting to change color, so why not change your hair? Fall is the best time to try something new with your hair color. Have you ever thought about trying RED? Now is the time to spice up your hair! Start taking a look around and get inspired. Time to try something new!

There are so many varieties of reds. Most people would think that there is no way they could be a red head. Going red doesn’t mean Ronald McDonald hair. Think about the different varieties of red that are out there as options. Take a look out your window, does every tree turn red in the fall? No, but they all turn a variation of red don’t they? From the deep dark red all they way to the beautiful Golden colors. Really adding Red just means adding warm tones in your hair in any way. Dark Chocolate brown, Copper tones, Spicy Ginger, and even warm blonde are just a few options. Tons of celebrities are currently sporting some form of Red in their hair, so why not give it a shot?

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  1. Glinda says:

    Fantastic article, I must say i look forward to up-dates of your stuff.

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