Got Bangs???

So often I hear “I really want a change, but I don’t want more layers and I don’t want to loose the length”.  I tend to giggle a bit, obviously that doesn’t leave many options. What is the one thing you can do for a huge change without loosing any length? Bangs!!!! Lucky for you, bangs are the hottest fall trend this year. There are so many options when it comes to bangs as well. You can do the longer side bang, shorter funkier bangs or the full, straight-across bangs. What better way to change your look completely, frame your face and bring massive attention to your EYES! One thing I want to mention to you is if you are going to get bangs, then GET BANGS! Nothing drives me more crazy than when the person is scared to cut bangs and so the stylist doesn’t take enough hair to actually create bangs. Then what you get is some random skinny looking pieces sticking to your forehead. This is not the look you want, trust me! Most salons charge a smaller fee to cut bangs, so not only is this trendy, it is also affordable! Have fun with it and remember, it is hair, it will grow back. Try something new!

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2 Responses to Got Bangs???

  1. jennifer says:

    i. am. NOT. allowed bangs. but YOU are, so try them!!!

  2. Lanie Abbott says:

    Love it! See you in a week and a half and I WANT bangs!

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