Who is your Wingman?

    The sale of mens grooming products has grown 70% in the last 5 years. In the last two decades Paul Mitchell has been the leading product purchased by men. Most of the time when it comes to hair and fashion we tend to talk about,  give advice and updates on the latest trends to Women only. Our poor men get lost in the shuffle and we forget that they count and deserve the same. While most of you men out there head to your local barber or walk-in salon and get your “quick and cheap” haircut, there are plenty of you out there who do really care about your appearance and the type of service you receive. I really believe that even those of you who do go to the quick and cheaper place for your haircut really would LOVE getting pampered too. You just haven’t given it a shot yet. Men seem to think that only Women go to Hair Salons. That if they do too then it is too feminine and also over-priced. What most men don’t realize is that you do get what you pay for and you will really love how you are treated and how you are going to look. A hair stylist is going to take the time to find out your style, your daily routine, your profession and detail a haircut to work for all that. It won’t be a cookie cutter haircut where you are in and out in 10 minutes. My male clientele is the most loyal group of clients I have. They too love getting a head massage when they get a shampoo and all the little details a salon offers matters to them.

   Male consumers spend over $60 BILLION dollars a year on grooming and it is also the fastest growing segment currently in the hair industry. This proves to me that men DO care. Recently Paul Mitchell launched a men’s category,  called Mitch. It is exciting, as a hairdresser, to be part of a company that sees the need and supports the industry with an amazing product for us to be able to fully service our male clients. This product line contains only 7 products, are sulfate and alcohol free and are extremely concentrated. Your hairdresser can recommend the best for you. The Double Hitter is a 2 in 1 Shampoo and conditioner for our fast paced men. It will cleanse and condition the hair, has a rich lather with the fresh clean scent of Pine, Lemongrass and cedar.   Because it is Paul Mitchell they also fully educate the hairdresser with product knowledge and cutting and styling classes. All of us are informed on the latest styles and techniques to be able to better service our male clientele.  Every guy needs a wingman and Mitch is yours!

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