Avoid Winter DRY OUT!


It is on it’s way for sure, Winter that is! I for one, am not a fan! But, I live here in Maine and I am not moving, so better to be prepared. We all get our winter coats, boots, hats and mittens out of storage and ready to go. We also all winterize our house, gardens and cars. What are we forgetting? OUR SKIN! Your skincare regime needs to change with the seasons, just as your wardrobe does,  don’t get left out in the cold with flaky dry skin. The better prepared you are, the better you take care of your skin NOW, the YOUNGER you are going to look years from now!

The thing to do first is to add in an extra moisturizing night cream to your daily routine. While you are asleep the little miracle workers in that bottle will go to work replacing the moisture lost during the day.Keep these right on your nightstand and you will always remember to do that before bed. You always should be using a night-time moisturizer, but for the winter months kick it up a notch with something with a little more power (I use Mary Kay extra-emollient night cream and I love it). You may also need to adjust the formula of what you are currently using for daily cleansers and moisturizers if your skincare needs change with the seasons. Maybe in the summer your skin is more oily and then more dry in the winter. Think about that and adjust it if you need to.

Another thing we all must do regardless of the season, but more importantly in winter is EXFOILIATE! When using your daily cleanser, make sure to wash using a washcloth. This alone is great at removing dead skin cells. Above and beyond that, you need to exfoliate your skin with a separate product created just for that. Doing this is going to leave your skin feeling super clean, fresh and younger looking too! There are many products out there that promise to do this and I recommend getting yourself a quality product. It really does make a difference. Investing in quality skin care really is important. It doesn’t mean that the most expensive product is the best one either (and trust me I have tried them all). Why I love Mary Kay is because it is not only a great product, but affordable with the benefit of a personal consultant trained to educate you on just what you do and do not need built into the price!

We have addressed our face, let’s not forget about our bodies too! Every single inch of our skin needs extra moisture in the winter months. What happens when things dry up? They CRACK and WRINKLE! Who wants that? I have to tell you about something I call a miracle in a jar…….Coconut Oil! This product has a million benefits for you inside and out, I keep a jar of it in every room of my house. I use it on my entire body, on my hair for a treatment and on my babies skin (it is the only thing that helped his baby acne and cradle cap). I also take the daily supplement as well to reap the health benefits it has for my insides as well. Like everything else, not all coconut oil is the same. You want the purest form, I use Fruitrients brand coconut oil. I have tried others, and they aren’t as good. I recommend checking out this site for more information on the benefits of coconut oil http://www.coconutresearchcenter.org/.

Gina Leonard is a licensed cosmetologist and salon owner with 10+ years experience. She recently became a Senior Mary kay Consultant.  She welcomes questions and comments, please e-mail them to:  getginafiedbdn@gmail.com




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