A reason to LOVE the dropping temps!

I have to admit it, I absolutely HATE winter! I prefer it to be sunny and 90 degrees all the time. Sure, I could move south and have that year round (just ask my Husband, he would pack us up in a heartbeat), but I don’t. Maine really does have a lot to offer, enough to outweigh the downside of winter months. When I think about it, if I lived somewhere that didn’t have a fall/winter season, I am pretty sure I would really miss the best part of the colder months. What is that you ask? In my opinion, SCARVES! My scarves are my favorite thing that I get to pull out of my closet when the temps drop! Fun, fashionable and they keep my neck warm!

  Scarves are really a way you can take your late summer and fall clothing right into the winter months just by adding them to your wardrobe. What I love about scarves is all the amazing options that they have out there and they are so affordable. They are like a necklace that also keeps you warm! So versatile that you can tie them in a ton of different ways and even use them as a shawl for a night with your favorite LBD! I am someone who only wears black clothing (I am a hairstylist, that is just how it is). With a scarf, I can add a  pop of color to my outfit to brighten the day. There are tons of awesome colors out there that I would never wear otherwise, like bright yellow for example. Wearing a bright yellow solid shirt makes me feel like a bus, but adding that color in my wardrobe with a scarf is perfect! Think about all the options that a scarf can bring to your already existing wardrobe!

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