To veil or NOT to veil

As wedding season slows down I reflect upon it and all the amazing brides we had this year. I really just LOVE a wedding and I have been lucky enough to be part of some pretty awesome ones through the years. I love when you can really see the brides personality in the entire day! I have to say that there is ONE place where I see a lack of personality and that is with the VEIL! It may just be one of my little pet peeves, but I wanted to share this with you and inspire you to step outside of the “norm” with your choice in veil. I know for sure I fell into that trap and I want a veil DO OVER!

Just like a haircut can either flatter your face or not, so can a veil. I don’t think that is something that many brides consider. The reason that I think that is because I see it happen too OFTEN! I have to admit, I did it myself on my wedding day. I saw my pictures and thought “why didn’t someone tell me to take that damn thing off?” (See for yourself in the picture below) For one, all you can see in my pictures during the ceremony is the VEIL! The veil should compliment your entire look, not be THE one thing that stands out in your photos! Take a chance, try something new. Heck, don’t wear one at all and consider a really great Hair Piece or accessory! There are tons of options out there and this is where your true colors and personality can show in your wedding.  My frustration in seeing the lack of creativity in veils and hair accessories inspired me to create Blush Couture Accents. These are one-of-a-kind hair pieces and veils that I create specifically for my brides. Per request, I meet with the bride and get a feel for her entire day, what her dress looks like, how she is going to wear her hair and most importantly get a feel for her personality!  I love seeing the look on their face when they see the piece I created just for them and also how this piece is really what pulls the entire look together! I encourage you to really re-think your veil choice and be inspired to step outside the box! Don’t get caught looking back at your wedding day pictures and saying “I want a veil DO-OVER!”

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One Response to To veil or NOT to veil

  1. Lanie Abbott says:

    I agree… I am thankful for the clip you made for my wedding, it was just the right POP. It didn’t over take the fabulous cut and color you have been giving me for a decade, but rather added some sparkle! Plus, you made my daughters two perfectly lovely pieces as well… If you surround yourself with the right people they will keep you in check as long as you aren’t afraid to hear what they have to share…

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