Grab a beer!

I recently came across some really interesting at home hair tricks and treatments that I had not heard of or tried before. I am always telling people to use baby powder as a dry shampoo, to add baking soda to their shampoo (to create a clarifying treatment) and some other little tricks of the trade I have collected over the years. Here is one that is new to me and after some research, makes perfect sense!

Grab a beer and this time not to drink, but for your hair! Malt and hops contain proteins and proteins are what your hair is made of and what your hair looses as it is damaged from hair color, the sun or pollutants. Replacing the proteins is going to strengthen your hair while the sugars in the beer will tighten hair cuticles resulting in shiny, bouncy, healthy hair!

Any beer will do, so don’t think it has to be something specific or expensive. Maybe you have a few leftovers of a brand you don’t like in the fridge that your friends left behind. Make sure you get it flat first by leaving it open for an hour or two. Douce your dry hair by pouring the flat beer over your entire head (do this over the sink or tub, don’t bring the glass into the shower). You are going to let it sit in your hair until it is completely dry on its own (maybe while you sit and read my blog with a glass of wine). Once it dries hop in the shower and continue to wash and condition your hair and style as usual. You’ll see how great your hair feels! This is something that you can do pretty much as often as you want, but I don’t see the need for more that once a week. What a great way to use beer that won’t add extra calories to your day or require a bigger pant size! Healthy, shiny hair is always in style!

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