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Who doesn’t LOVE a great pedicure? Many of us wish we had more time in our lives to get one more often. It really is important to take good care of your feet. Especially for those of us who are on them all day every day (which is most of us). What I wanted to address today is the safety and sanitation that is important for all of us to be educated on.  I reached out to a good friend of mine and licensed nail tech, Shannon Wheeler, for this information. I realize that it is better for it to come straight from someone who really knows feet! I hope what she shared helps you out.




Here is what Shannon had to say when I asked her to chime in on the topic of feet and pedicures:

Ready to get gorgeous toes for the holidays?  It’s important to be an educated
consumer when you’re shopping salon services, and we live in an area with some
really top notch choices for nail services and pedicures.  Here are a few
insider secrets you should know:

     A first class salon will be proud to explain their sanitation practices to
you.  Don’t feel embarassed asking!  All foot baths and implements being used
should be sanitized between clients.  Smart salon owners know that educated
clients are loyal clients, so definitely ask questions if you have them.  If
your questions aren’t welcomed, keep on movin’!
     Before you get started, if you have any concerns about the health of your
toenails or feet, see your doctor.  Your salon professional is not allowed to
treat you if you have any concerns like this, unless they’re working for a
doctor, under supervision.  You should inform your salon professional if you are
diabetic or have arthritis, because there may be extra steps of care taken to
ensure that you are receiving the most gentle and helpful treatment while you’re
enjoying salon services.
     Toenails shouldn’t be cut too short in the corners, to avoid becoming
ingrown.  You can request a more squared shape at the ends to be on the safe
side.  Your cuticles are your body’s built-in protectors against germs – they
really shouldn’t be cut off.  If your technician pushes them back and finds some
excess, it’s fine to trim that, but it’s way important to keep your cuticles,
    Rough skin is a nuisance on heels in particular.  Trust me, the best way to
remedy this is over time.  Pedis are a treat, but they are also something to do
as personal maintenance, and instead of hacking away at tough skin with a blade
(yes, people do this), it’s much smarter to use a process involving alpha
hydroxy acids to soften the skin and gentle exfoliation.  You’ll thank me when
you’re feet don’t have the texture of a grated carrot.  Patience is a virtue in
terms of some beauty endeavors, seriously.
     Now that you know all the important factors, go!  Enjoy!  Spoil yourself rotten, and if you really want a treat, take a girlfriend along, too!  You’ve shopped hard.  You deserve this.  (And why not make a standing appointment while
you’re at it?)
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