Countdown to Fab!

     Another year is about to be over as we all ring in the New Year. Many of us will be out celebrating somehow, somewhere. We look forward to dressing up, doing our hair and makeup and hitting the town. This is one of those holidays that we can get away with taking a risk and really trying something different from we usually would with our hairstyle.  How do you wear your hair on a daily basis? Curly or straight? Do you tend to always wear it up for work or motherhood? Whatever the case may be switch it up and do the opposite! I have posted some pictures of ideas for you this New Years Eve:


The Front Poof! So easy and requires only some teasing and hair spray to hold it. Tease the front and top sections of your hair and either put the rest of your hair in a pony tail or twist up in the back. The key here is not to have it be too perfect. A bit messy is what makes it chic!






Fun big curls are always a great way to really dress up any party outfit! Curl individual sections of your hair, spraying them with hairspray as you go. Once you finish curling tip your head over and spray it all over. This is a great option for hair of any length.




Sleek and straight is always fab and easy. This requires a flat-iron and a great product to add shine and hold. Also a style that works for any length of hair. Finish with a shine spray instead of hairspray. You want this hair to swing and move!



It is New Years Eve, why NOT? Bring out that tiara or other fun headpiece that sparkles and makes you smile!

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