Man Up to Cancer

 I am so excited about this project I had to share it all with you. It is so important to me that everyone give back to their community in some way. I think it is even more important for business owners to do the same. It is something I pride my salon on and it the one thing that really sets our salon apart from the rest. We participate and create many events throughout the year to give back and to raise money for local cancer research. This one, however takes the cake. What is it you ask? A men’s calendar created by yours truly that will lauch January 28th!

A few months ago this project idea was placed in my heart and I knew immediately that it would be special and could really do some good, raise awareness and raise a good amount of money for Champion the Cure Challenge. Last year our salon used our annual Hair Show as a way to raise money for Champion the Cure Challenge, but the calendar was going to take that to the next level and I knew that right away. Once I started talking about this I soon realized that this was going to be huge. I envisioned a calendar that would include many walks of life from our community. It is a MEN’S calendar, so of course I would include some “hotties” but in no way did I want that to be the focus. I wanted this calendar to simply get a discussion going about men-related cancer and for men to start talking about it, coming forward and telling their stories. I soon realized that Men who have gone through a battle with Cancer, just don’t talk about it. It was really hard to find many survivors at all and then even harder to coordinate a photo with a group of them.

In the end, this calendar includes many different Men from our community and each one of them has a story all their own and they all share one thing in common, they want to KICK CANCERS ASS! They believe in the Lafayette Cancer Center and that it is research that is needed and it money that research needs to be successful. Any amount of money we can raise WILL make a difference right here in our community. I invite all of you to join my salon in celebrating its 5 year anniversary with the launch of Man Up To Cancer. We will open our salon doors to you and all your friends with music, food and beverages and the sale of our 2013 calendar! A chance to meet the men involved, socialize, celebrate and kick cancer! Please join us Saturday January 28th at 6 p.m at The L Factor Salon Twin City Plaza Brewer.


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  1. Bonnie says:

    Man Up to Cancer sounds like a wonderful organization! It’s always nice to read things like this, where people are making a difference. If anyone is interested, there’s a really great link below with information and techniques for coping with cancer. Cancer is something that no one should go through alone.

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