Fall is here and winter is fast approaching. Many of us are feeling frumpy and are really craving  a pick-me-up. The days are now shorter and shorter and it’s getting colder. Many of my clients are telling me they feel frumpy and I would admit that I do too. This time of year can be a hard transistion. So, now you can rest assured knowing that you are not alone. We all spruce up our wardrobe, get out our sweaters and boots and change our hair. There are many small things that you can do to spruce up your look. You can try some new makeup colors, add a fun new piece to your wardrobe, get your teeth whitened, get a facial peel, the list is endless. THE easiest way to quickly change your look is to cut bangs!



This is also a super cheap way to change it up. Most salons have a fee just to cut bangs around $10. You can completey change your look and hairstyle without losing a lot of length by adding bangs. There are so many different ways you can cut bangs (well, not YOU, I mean your hairstylist. do NOT try doing this at home yourself).  Full straight across bangs are fun, but it is a big commitment to make and the growing out phase can be a bit tricky.  SIde bangs can be short or longer so that you can still pull them back. Short piecey bangs are really cute and trendy, but not everyone can pull that off. Many of my clients have a love/hate relationship with their bangs. If ever you were going to try bangs, fall/winter is the perfect time to do it.




How many of you out there find yourself saying “Do I want to cut bangs or not?” You cut them, grown them out, cut them, grow them out (a reason I still have a job).  I have a solution for you.  Bangs are THE hottest trend right now, but they are a commitment. Guess what? You CAN have your cake and eat it too. Really, you can with Bang extensions. They come on a little clip that you just add to your hair and voila, bangs. You can easily match your hair color to them. This is a piece you can purchase and add to your hair for instant bangs! I would suggest contacting your hairstylist on this one so that they can color match your hair and order you the right one for you and your hair type. Prices range from $20-$120 depending on quality of what you get. This is a super fun addition that you should add to your accessory wardrobe. How fun to change up your look in an instant for a night on the town? Your stylist can help you with that or you can e-mail ME. Check it out.


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