Spring Trends

It sure does feel like spring today doesn’t it? We all crave clean houses, fresh air, new clothes and a new hair style! I can always tell spring is coming by the amount of lightener that we go through in the salon. All of a sudden everyone wants BLONDE highlights, for some reason blonde hair makes it feel like spring/summer.

Here are a few new trends that you can try at home since they all have to do with style alone and not hair color:


This look was all over the Spring runway and is sure to make it’s appearance this year. Hair pulled away from your face is going to expose more of  your face and can really give you a much more youthful, fresh look.


This is also something I am seeing much more of lately and it too was all over the runway. It is always a good idea to switch up your part once in a while and a easy way to change your look. If the center seems to severe for you, just try a more “natural” part somewhere closer to the center.


The new accessory this Spring is a head Wrap. Think of it as this years head band. It graced all the runways for Spring and it will make an appearance. So, get ahead of it and try it out for yourself.

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  1. MakeupMetro says:

    Gina – I really like the center part look. The slick look, not so much, lol.

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