Continued Education

My salon is headed to NH this weekend to continue our education on the newest trends via A Hair Show. We pride ourselves on our continued education and I really believe that this is something that sets up apart from the rest. As I prepare to leave my family Sunday (the one day I get to spend with my family) to go to NH I remind myself why I do it and why it is so important. It left me thinking, how many other stylists are as committed to continued education as we are?

I knew on day 1 of hair school, that not only was this THE career I wanted, but that if I wanted to be the best I could be,  I needed more education then they were going to give me. I also knew that I was not going to be “salon ready” right out the door of hair school and I was going to need more training. It was in the lunch room of a salon I was working at part-time as an assistant and receptionist that I picked up a magazine with an article about Robert Cromeans, platform artist for Paul Mitchell. I loved everything he had to say, his vision for this industry, his cutting style….EVERYTHING! I knew I HAD to see him in person and so began my love affair with Paul Mitchell. I didn’t even use, or want to use their hair products before this. After attending one Paul Mitchell hair show and meeting Robert Cromeans for the first time, I knew without a doubt that THIS company was a committed to me and my success as a hairstylist as I was to this industry. Throughout my 15 years in this industry, I have attended as many Paul Mitchell education events as I can. I have traveled as far as Portland Oregon and been lucky enough to attend the Paul Mitchell Signature gathering in Las Vegas twice. In the beginning of my career, the salon I worked at didn’t even have Paul Mitchell products and that didn’t matter to me. I always knew that the money I spent on continuing education was worth it because Paul Mitchell was going to actually educate me and not just try to sell me something else.

In any profession it is important to keep updated through the years. There are always new and exciting ways to do the same old thing you have been doing. Fashion does tend to go around in circles, but it is always being re-invented. I wanted to write this today just to give you something to think about. Ask your stylist if he/she continues their education and if so, how often? I think you deserve the absolute best. I know that it what I constantly strive to be and in order to achieve that I have to keep leaving my family on Sunday to get more education. Attending these shows and classes is not cheap and I do realize it is hard for a lot of stylists to do that. I don’t even want to add up all I have spent in the last 5 years alone ( I bet it is upwards of $10,000). There are many ways for a stylist to get updated that is not as costly and you definitely don’t have to go all the way to Vegas to get more education. I think what matters it that we all have the want and the desire to learn more. I will never become a stylist who thinks she has learned or knows everything. The day I do, will be the day I retire.

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