I won’t lie to you, but they do

I get so frustrated when I see a commercial on t.v. promising me the world when it comes to my hair and because I am a licensed cosmetologist I know they are LYING! I think it is time to let the cat out of the bag on this one.



LIE #1.

Once  your ends are split, there is no turning back. The ONLY solution is to cut them. You can however prevent them and that is where you turn to your hairdresser and ask for their advice on the right products to be using as well as maintenance and the time you should go in between haircuts to avoid split ends. If a product promises to repair your split ends, they are lying to you.



LIE #2.

You are not going to get Sara Jessica, Beyonce, Gwen Stefani, Jennifer Aniston or any other models hair color you see on t.v. from a BOX you bought at the grocery store. Not only do most of those women have hair extensions in, their color is most definitely done by a professional. There is a reason that I have to attend school, continue education and pass a state board exam to be able to color your hair. YOU are not qualified to do this on your own and once you try to it comes out looking like an orange or worse, I am going to charge you upwards of $100/hour for corrective color. Save yourself time and money, but seeking a professional in the first place. There are many money-saving options when it comes to hair color. Buying a box is NOT one of them. The commercials and the models are t.v. are LYING when they say they use a box.

Lie #3.

Just because a product says it is ammonia free, formaldehyde free or sulfate free doesn’t mean it is. What companies do is avoid the FDA by finding derivatives of these substances that the FDA does not recognize and substitutes them. 99% of the time, these derivates are much stronger and harsher than the original chemical was. If you have a shampoo that is sulfate free and it suds’ up in the shower, it has sulfates in it. Sulfates are what make your shampoo suds up in the first place.  If your hairdresser tells you that the color she uses is ammonia free, she is lying. Hair Color does NOT work without ammonia….PERIOD! I promise you I question professional companies all the time! I have trained myself of what to look for in the ingredient list and can spot it in a minute. So when a company says that their product is free of whatever…..they are LYING.

I have always been known as being an honest person and that does not stop in my career either. I don’t like liars of any type. If you have a question for me and want the truth, e-mail me at getginafiedbdn@gmail.com



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