The last few Saturdays as the salon have been SO busy with Prom Season in full swing! It is a very exciting time of year and as a stylist, it prepares me for a very busy upcoming wedding season. I have said it over and over again that I love doing up- do’s and I really do. I have realized that because I am an artist I like having some creative control over my creations. This trend is here and every single girl coming in wants it. I was so frustrated at first because I don’t want every chick walking out of the salon to look the same at the prom. BUT, after all, it is about the clients and if they want it, they get it.  There is an obvious trend this up-do season and as much as I want it to end (because it is all I have done with every up do) I don’t think it is going anywhere and I better just embrace it.


The braid is THE trend for Spring/Summer 2012. Not just for a fancy up- do either. This is something that anyone can wear every day in some form or another. I do really like this trend for summer. Those hot days when it is humid and your hair won’t cooperate or you just don’t want to do it, try braiding it instead. The idea is to re-think braiding and play with the placement of the braid. Here are a few ideas.


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