Go Natural

If you want to be ahead of the game and on trend with the most recent hair color trend than jump on the train of natural highlights. Out is Balayage hair color, chunky color and IN is fine, thin, natural highlights.

The natural look is definitely making its comeback in a big way. Contact your hairstylist today and ask for fine, natural foils this time. What I love about this is that is really an easy way to update your look. Just a few foils placed in the right spots can add so much to your look and is easy and affordable. This trend also does not require a lot of up-keep for you either. Heavy foils will reveal your re-growth a lot sooner than natural foils do.

*Beware of commercials you see that promise that you can achieve this look at home on your own. These kits just don’t work and the product itself is much more harsh than professional grade hair color is. These home hair-kits usually result in a phone call to the salon begging for a fix. This is what I refer to as “Corrective Hair Color” and we all charge about $100/hour for that. Don’t find yourself in this mess when if you had come to see me before and wanted some highlights I could have given you just what you wanted for around $30 in less than an hour.*

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