Perfect wedding day photos

     I am very honored to know some really great local photographers and get to work with them often. Today, I introduce a guest to you. She is a friend of mine and I asked her to give a few tips to all of you so that your wedding day photos come out perfect!



     My name is Heidi Turner, I’m a professional photographer serving the greater Bangor area for the past  10 years. I met Gina over  14 years ago while she was attending hair school. While I pursued my photography studies and opening my own business, Gina became the successful hair stylist and business owner she is.  Me being a photographer and her being a stylist, we rely on each other’s  talents so much more than we ever realized.  I depend on a stylist to amplify a brides beauty for her big day, or enhance a 18-year-old do for her senior photos and a stylist depends on me to capture the true beauty and artistic touch they put on hair and makeup,  and produce quality images that will last a lifetime.

     When Gina asked me to guest write for her weekly article I was excited to reach a new audience and provided a few helpful tips to brides, high school seniors, or anyone having a professional photo shoot.  Here are a few crucial ideas to keep in mind from a professional photographer’s point of view:


1)     Don’t do your own hair. I’m not saying that you aren’t a good stylist, I’m just saying that a professional will be able to give you the glamorous look that will last all day.  I know we all try to skimp and save when it comes to a wedding budget but this is a must have ! Nothing compares to a professional “DO” and when you see your final photos you will be glad you spent the money on someone who knows how to make that “Hair Do” PERFECT. A stylist knows how to make your do last in our unpredictable Maine weather.



2)     Have a professional do your makeup !    Maybe you are a plain Jane and think makeup just isn’t you, or perhaps you are a makeup diva and don’t think anyone can do makeup better than you. Girls listen up – if you don’t usually wear makeup you will want to wear some makeup on your big day ! For photos sake you want at least lip gloss, blush and some eye make-up.  You want to be able to pick up a hint of makeup in your photos – you need contrast , not a plain palette.  And for those makeup divas out there, professional stylists like Gina now offer airbrush makeup.  This makeup last all day for your big day  and you will love the outcome in your final photos.


3)     NO Tan Lines. Do you know how many clients ask if I can photo shop there bikini lines from their final images. During a single event I can easily take over a thousand photographs ! You don’t want the extra charge and I want to get your images back to you as soon as possible. So save us both time and be conscious of your style bathing suit / wedding gown prior to your big day and watch out for those farmer tans !!!! Think ahead and your final photo images will be everything you ever dreamed of.

— Heidi Turner Photography

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