Don’t Panic

     There have been a lot of beautiful pregnant ladies coming into the salon lately with beautiful heads of hair and the cutest bellies. Recently I was asked about hair shedding after that little bundle of joy showed up. I was a bit amazed at how many ladies were not aware that this will happen and why. I hope this article gives you some more information and puts your mind at ease.   It is normal and expected that we shed up to 150 hairs each day. Our hair grows in  3 month cycles. At one time 90% of your hair is growing and the other 10% is in resting phase. Every 2-3 months our hair is shedding to allow new hair to grow. This is just every day normal occurrence on our lovely little heads.      During Pregnancy  hormone levels put your hair in its resting phase so you do not shed as much hair as you normally would on a daily basis. I can attest that during my last pregnancy I did not shed one single hair for 38 weeks! I absolutely loved it and had awesome thick hair. So, ladies if your preggo right now, love it while you can. Once you deliver your hormones are going to crash and you can expect that 2-3 months after delivery, your hair is going to shed and it may seem scary and overwhelming to you. Don’t panic and know that you are not alone. It is ok to talk about it and I would encourage you to do just that and give your hair stylist a call.       During this time, make sure you are still getting proper nutrition (lots of fruit and veggies) and vitamin supplements (Vitamins B Complex, C, E, Biotin and Zinc).  Make sure you take extra special care of your hair as well. Be careful when combing (especially wet hair), lay off excessive styling and the use of blow dryers etc., Don’t sleep on your hair when wet or tie it back when wet (EVER, but especially now) and make sure you are using a quality shampoo and conditioner (I recommend Nioxin Products that are made especially for thinning hair).     Remember that hair loss postpartum is temporary and it will stop. Plan on it being completely over within 6 months of time. In the event that it doesn’t seem to be stopping and/or it is worse, contact your healthcare provider to assure you don’t have a thyroid issue or any other health problem. Also note, that if your hair is falling out DURING pregnancy you should be concerned and contact your Doctor immediately. This could be a sign of a vitamin deficiency and/or thyroid problem.  Our hair and it’s condition is a great way for us to know the overall health of our body, so pay close attention to it.

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