Take a GOOD look, you’re a BRIDE!

I have said it over and over, but I sure do love weddings! I have been a stylist for over 10 years now and have been lucky enough to have been a  part of some really great weddings. I often travel on location and style the bride and her wedding party where the wedding will take place. If you are planning your wedding, think about that and having your stylist come to you.

   Because I have done so many weddings, I have learned a lot about wedding, planning, photos, you name it! I definitely have the confidence in my God-given talents to know that the brides hair will look its absolute best. With that said, the best hairstyles I have created have been when the bride is pretty relaxed about her hair and let’s me just do my thing.

     Recently my brother-n-law said “I DO” to his long time love and my new sister-n-law, Kyleen. They planned their wedding at their home this past August. Kyleen and I had talked about her hair, looked at photos and had a general idea of where we were going with it. I did recommend that she purchase clip-in extensions for the day to add fullness to her already long hair and I told her we had to work with the weather and the humidity. August weddings and hair don’t always mix. The heavy humid weather just makes hair go flat and I usually recommend the hair be put up no matter what.

    Kyleen completely trusted me on the wedding day and let me do what I  needed to her hair and makeup so that her look was complete and perfect. She never looked in a mirror once to check in with what I was doing. The best part is that the photographer  Sarah Marble, captured the moment that Kyleen got to see herself as a bride for the very first time. I absolutely love these photos, they take “Gettting Ginafied” to the next level.

My advice to all you brides out there is to trust your hair stylist and if you don’t think you  will or can, then find one that you can trust.  Trust their ability and knowledge of what is going to work and what isn’t going to work  with your hair. You have to consider your dress, the overall theme of the wedding, the weather, inside or outside ceremony, your hair type and texture and more. Look at photos and get a general idea of what you would like your hair to look like. Share these with your stylist, but don’t put the pressure on yourself or your stylist to make your hair look exactly like the photos.  Lastly, I would suggest capturing a moment like the ones in these photos. We all dream of our wedding day our whole lives and what we will look like as a bride. I just love this moment and am happy I got to share it with my new sister-n-law. Congrats Kyleen and Derek!


I welcome questions and comments. Please e-mail them to me at getginafiedbdn@gmail.com

If  you are looking for a stylist for your upcoming wedding I am taking reservations for the 2013 wedding season now. You can reach me at The L Factor Salon 989-5515

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