Golden Rules

Happy Friday to all of you! Here are a few words to think about through the weekend. 

 I have been involved in the cosmetology field now for 15 years and from day 1 I got my outside education from Paul Mitchell. They not only train us with the leading styles and techniques to bring into the salon and to our clients they train us with life skills and lessons. Years ago I attended a class with a gentlemen names Winn Claubaugh. This class was all about teching us how to balance life. This is where I learned about something he called “The Golden Rules”. I got thinking about it this week and looking at it and thought I would share it with my readers. I hope that these “rules” inspire you and help you out in your daily life. The juggling act that we all struggle to keep going every day is a constant challenge and I think needs much revision throughout life. I had these rules blown up to poster size and they hang on our breakroom door in the salon.  It is the basis for which I run my business and my life. I like to go over them every now and again and check in with myself to see where I may need to make some adjustments.


You can read more about these rules and more at, enjoy!

1. Always be on time
2. Always be in a great mood (fake it when necessary)
3. Come to work prepared
4. Be informed (read all memos and information)
5. Gossip is not allowed
6. Hold each other accountable
7. Resolve all personal challenges with love
8. Go to the decision maker with and apprently unsolveable challenges
9. Be knowledgeable, literate, and articulate
10. Always “look the part” of an impeccable professional
11. Be professional always
12. Do not get personally involved with clients
13. Personal lives remain personal

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