Take the Leap

     Spring is here! I can’t wait for green grass, sunshine and leaves on the trees. This time of year does seem to drag on, but warmer weather is approaching, I promise. Winter really does a number on on hair and skin. I urge you to see your stylist for a Spring pick-me-up. Just go for an instant face lift by getting a new look, taking off some length, adding layers and highlights. Trust me this can take 10 years off and is way cheaper then seeing the plastic surgeon.

    There are many simple ways to spruce up your look as we head into Spring. Winter leaves our hair and our skin dried out. With all the abuse we give to our hair via coloring, blow-drying, curling, flat-ironing, teasing, washing it every day and so on, our hair deserves a fresh start.  I am not telling you all to completely cut ALL your hair off, but think about it. What is it that you are hanging on to? So many of us (me included) hang onto our hair and don’t want to cut it, even when it really needs to be. Maybe we are afraid of change, who knows exactly what it is. I say let it go and try something new. Spring is a perfect time to do that.

   Very few women can actually grown long beautiful healthy looking hair on their own. Please know that the rest of them that you see on t.v. or in magazines with long gorgeous hair are wearing extensions, I promise! Talk with your hairstylist about what type of hairstyle really works for your, your hair and your lifestyle. Healthy hair is what is gorgeous, if the ends are dry, skinny or split, they need to GO. There is no repairing that. Start fresh, start new. After all, the wonderful thing about hair is that is GROWS BACK (and why I have a job).

   As I walk into retail stores I see so many bright colors all around. It really gets me excited for warm weather. The easiest way to brighten up your look and your hair is to add some highlights. No matter your hair color there is a complimentary lighter shade that you can add with just a few foils around your face. This is such a simple and affordable way to add life and dimension to your hair. Most stylists offer partial foiling specials, especially this time of year. So give your stylist a call and take the leap into spring.

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