Our hair sure does take a beating with all that we do to it. Most of you wash it every day (you need to stop doing that), blow-dry, curl, flat-iron, spray hairspray on it etc. How many of you really give it a day of rest? Let’s start this Sunday and continue every Sunday with giving your hair a break from all of that and little TLC.

  Hair products, minerals in the water and toxins in our environment build up on our hair. Even though I don’t want you to wash your hair every day, I do want you to use a clarifying treatment once a week to cleanse your hair off all the build up. This buildup will cause you to have bad hair days and will also leave your color look dull and even brassy. With summer coming, this is definitely something you want to include in your hair care regime right along with your kiddos who swim in the pool. Using a clarifying shampoo will gently cleanse your hair from the inside out. I do warn you to either ask your hairdresser what they recommend or simply use a baking soda rinse at home (baking soda paste mixed with water or your daily shampoo).   Don’t just go get any old clarifying shampoo from the store down the street. Many of those are way too harsh on your hair. The point to clarify your hair is to properly cleanse it, not “strip” it and make it dry and brittle. Always ask a professional.

   After you have taken the time to clarify your hair, finish off with a great deep conditioning treatment. Once that is sulfate free and contains proteins. Again, this should be something you get from your hair stylist or your kitchen cupboard, not the store.  I recommend are Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild Ginger Keritriplex intensive treatment as a professional product. I am sure there are some other great professional products as well, I just use and know Paul Mitchell, therefore I recommend it. One of my absolute favorite things to use in my hair and for literally everything is Organic Coconut oil. This is a great treatment in your hair and will rinse out nicely without being too heavy. Whatever you use, the point is to replace your hair with vital nutrients and moisture. The most perfect time to do this is after a clarifying treatment. Deep conditioning treatments can be done more than once a week, unlike my recommendation for the clarifying treatments. You don’t want to over do it here, but use as needed (really no need for more than twice per week).

   We just left a long dry winter and now are headed into the summer months with sun, sand, surf and chlorine. There is no better time to start your Sunday hair care regime than now. I always welcome questions at Happy Sunday..

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