Back to Your Roots


     Fall is most definitely in the air isn’t it? The weather has been so beautiful, I hope it lasts long into October. What is it about fall that has us wanting lots of change in our lives?  We start cleaning the house, organizing our life and call our hair stylists saying “time for something new”.  I love this time of year because almost all of my clients are ready for a change of some sort. It keeps me on my toes and keeps my job fun and exciting. My first recommendation as soon as the chill in the air arrives is go ahead, change it up. Don’t opt for a subtle change, that is just boring. Give that summer hair and the millions of blonde foils you added a break. I have a challenge for you today, GO BACK TO YOUR ROOTS!



   Seriously, consider getting your hair color to a more natural state. If you are a woman in her 30’s or older, more natural hair color is going to make your and your hair look younger. We missed the train of wild color and crazy highlights in our 20’s. Don’t think that this means you must have boring hair color either.There are so many gorgeous shades of brunette that are absolutely stunning. Going back to your roots, does not mean boring hair at all, I promise. Don’t think that this means you must have one color on your head either. Natural hair color is NOT one-dimensional either. Most likely your Stylist will choose 2 or 3 tones within a shade or two of your natural color (at least that is what I would do).

 Darker hair color has little to no damage effect on your hair either. After a few months of sun, surf, and hi-lites, I promise your hair is thirsty. It is nice to give it a break through the colder months when moisture is hard to come by. Darker hair equals healthy shiny hair and that is the trend right now. Darker hair color is like getting a deep conditioning treatment. It will fill in all the little “holes” in the hair strands that lighter color and the sun have left for you. Realize I am talking professional hair color. This is not true for box color at the grocery store, leave this job to a professional (there is a reason we go through years of training and are required a license by the state). Dark, all over color is going to fill in all the damaged areas of your hair, leaving it shiny, thick and gorgeous.

Going back to your roots is also going to be nicer on your wallet too and maintenance is easier, needed less frequently and takes less time than other colors do. Don’t try this at home ladies, call a professional. If you have questions for me, drop an e-mail to

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2 Responses to Back to Your Roots

  1. Ally says:

    Hey, Miss Gina.

    I’m Ally from More Bang(or) For Your Buck. I love your blog. I rarely do anything other than put my hair up in a low ponytail at the back of my neck and almost never try anything new. What’s the word on short hair for an older woman? I’m 44 and just want to chop it all off. Is short hair a good choice for everyone, or are there some faces that shouldn’t go there?

  2. Gina Leonard says:

    I Don’t think there are any rules at all. Whatever makes you look and feel your best is what works at any age!

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