I know that there are many of you out there who play hairdresser in your bathroom all by yourself. You try to save time and money and grab the dreaded “box” from the local store. Most of the time it gets you by, so you are ok with it. I want to know something, do you really think it is working? Do you really think your hair looks its best? What about the one time that box doesn’t work out, what will you do then? Do you know that hairdressers usually get $100/hour for corrective hair color? That doesn’t sound like savings to me. Do you know what you are really putting on your hair?

    There is a reason that in order to become a hairdresser you have to attend 1500 hours in school and pass a state licensing exam to legally do hair in the state of Maine. There is a lot that goes into doing your hair and the science behind hair color. I know that the commercials look appealing and super easy to do yourself. Of course they do, that is how they market it. The chemicals found in haircolor off the shelf are intensely stronger than any professional hair color Because the are pre-mixed, they are also unpredictable. This means that your “ash blonde” may be working for you and has been for years, but there will be a time you will use it that it won’t and God only knows what your hair color will be,  We are taking chemicals here people. Would you inject yourself with botox if you could buy a store version? Put that box back on the shelf and call a professional.

   There are also many so-called “natural” hair color products out there and these are especially concerning to me. Just because they claim to be natural or “ammonia- free” doesn’t mean they are better for your hair or safer. Many of these products contain metallic dyes and/or harsher chemicals that are not regulated by the FDA.  Once these chemicals are on your hair they are there FOREVER. You cannot color over them or change them with any other chemical. If you do, your hair will literally melt off. The only way to change that is to cut it off and start over. So, just realize that once you try it, you are stuck with it like a tattoo.

    I am here to BEG you to leave this up to a professional. Don’t just assume that you can’t afford it. There are many options in the world of color and I know one of them will fit your budget. Make sure to let your concerns and your budget to be known up front. You know you don’t really enjoy doing it yourself. Take time for you by going to see a professional hairdresser. You are going to look and feel your best when you leave and you can trust what is going on your hair to be safe, guaranteed!

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