I have been telling many people for a long time that washing your hair every day is not necessary. There are so many positive benefits to it and many people tell me they just can’t and they have to wash it every day. Do you shampoo every day? Have you ever tried not doing that? The natural oils that your scalp produces can be very beneficial to your hair by giving it the moisture that it needs. When you are washing it every day you are stripping your hair of it’s natural oils. Most of you are already thinking that you need to do that every day because your hair and scalp is oily. You just know that if you don’t wash it every day that you are going to look like a greasy mess. Guess what? You are wrong. Here is why.

It is true that some of us produce more oil and our hair, skin and scalp tend to have a higher shine than most. Just as others can be more dry. We all are different and we all can benefit from not shampooing every day of our lives. If you tend to be on the oily side of the spectrum you are actually making your problem worse by washing every day. You think it is the right thing to do and you can’t stand how it looks but you are adding fuel to the fire. By shampooing daily you are stripping it and you also are telling your pores to produce more to make up for the loss. Start foregoing the shampoo daily and go to every other day. This is going to trick your pores and help them slow down their production of oil. It will take a little time for this to work and in the meantime I recommend that you use a dry shampoo or baby powder. Dry shampoo and baby powder will help to get rid of the shine and excess oil.

What you are using for shampoo and conditioner plays a big role in the is as well. Many over the counter products are too high in PH and contain heavy waxes. They are over stripping your hair (seriously, you could strip the floor with some of these) and then coating your hair in heavy wax as well as blocking pores. If you use over the counter products you need to switch before trying this experiment or it won’t work. In fact, you may not really have oily skin, you may just be using bad products. Consult your hairdresser or local salon for the right products for you.

    I am willing to bet that you are shaking your head right now and thinking I am full of it aren’t you? I say to you, prove me wrong.  Get some great products and try this for a couple weeks and then tell me it didn’t work. Remember, it isn’t going to happen overnight, but I guarantee that it will work and in the end you will thank me and your hair will too.

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