Trying to grow your hair?

   Are you like me and trying to grow your hair out? It can be a long and tedious process that requires patience. If you are like me and most women out there, then you know that being patient while we wait for hair to grow is not an easy task.On average our hair grows ¼- ½” every month. Everyone of us and how fast our hair will grow is different. Many factors play into that and I thought I would share some tips on how you can speed up the process.
The condition of your scalp says everything about the health of your hair. You want your scalp in optimal condition at all times. Make sure you are brushing your scalp and hair daily to exfoliate and stimulate blood flow. You also can use oils on the scalp to condition the area, such as coconut oil or olive oil.
Store purchased products contain harmful chemicals that are going to damage your hair and prevent it from growing.  Most of these products have a ph value high enough to strip a floor so imagine what they can do to your hair.  Make sure you throw those out and contact your stylist to stock up on professional hair care that is actually good for your hair and scalp.
Shampoo your hair no more that 2-3 times per week. Washing your hair every day is going to dry it out and strip it of the natural moisture it needs to be healthy and grow. If your hair and scalp are too dry, the hair is going to break off and you’ll be getting a haircut instead of a longer style.
Your hair has to be maintained even if you are growing it out. Make sure you see your stylist regularly for a small trim to keep the ends at optimal condition  If your ends are dry or split they will continue all the way up the hair shaft until it breaks. It is true that your hair will grow faster with regular visits to your stylist for a trim. I recommend between 6-8 weeks, no longer.
Growing your hair out can be a bit of a pain, but these tips are sure to help make sure it is growing at the fastest pace that it can. While your hair is growing out, make sure to be gentle and give it a bit of a break so it can stay as healthy as possible. Soon enough your hair will be just where you want it. Just in time for you to decide it’s time for a new hairstyle. After all, this is why I have a job. Women change their mind all the time and I am just as guilty. Feel free to e-mail me with any questions or concerns at

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You need some sparkle

I can’t help but notice all of the shiny, sparkly things all around this time of year. If you need to stock up on sequins, now is the time. All of the shiny pretty things grab my attention and I also think it is the time to make sure that your hair is one of those things that sparkle and shine through the holiday season.

 This time of year also gets colder and dry which takes its toll on us. Our mood, health, hair and skin are all affected. There is a lot you can do to hydrate your hair and keep it that way throughout the winter. Hydrated hair=shiny hair and who doesn’t want that? Salons always offer great deep conditioning treatments which also usually include some scalp massage and relaxation time which is my top recommendation. If that is not an option for you right now, go grab some olive oil or coconut oil. Heat up a small amount in the microwave and apply to dry hair. Wrap your hair in plastic wrap and/or a warmed up towel. Leave this in for at least 30 minutes (the longer the better). Shampoo and style as usual. This treatment does wonders and this time a year once a week or once every two weeks is ideal.

 Another way to add some sparkle to your hair is to see your hair stylist for a Clear Coat. Think about what a clear coat of polish does for your nails. It seals it, protects the color and makes them shiny. Well, this can be true of your hair too. A clear shine treatment involoves clear semi-permanent hair color that is applied and processing usually in about 20 minutes. This is good to add to your hair color service or also a great thing to do even if you don’t color your hair, but you want too add some pizazz and sparkle! Clear color also hydrates and protects your hair from winters harsh, dry air.

  Most of us decide that when summer is over it is time  to color our hair back to our natural and go darker. I like this option and dark hair is so rich, shiny and natural. I do suggest you add just a few foils (by few, I mean 10 and under). The color in these foils does not have to be super blonde, just a shade or two lighter than what you do have to add some brightness and “sparkle” around your face. Adding just a few foils can really change up your look and add dimension to your color. This service is very quick and easy for your stylist to do and usually is also very affordable. Don’t make the mistake of buying one of those at home highlighting kits, this is not going to give you the sparkle I am talking about. That will give you orange, blothcy, fried hair that will cost you upwards of $100/ hour to fix. Leave it to the professionals.      This time of year gets very busy for all of us. We feel stressed, overwhelmed, tired and frumpy. Take time for yourself and take care of your hair throughout the winter months. Give yoruself a pick-me-up by adding some sparkly to your do.

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Get a great cut!

Many new clients tell me that they are looking for a haircut that works with their face shape. I get it, you want a new style that flatters your face and makes you look your best. Here’s what I want you to really consider and it means more than what face shape you have. What type of hair do you have? What is your lifestyle? How often can you maintain your look? See, if you don’t know the answers to these questions, then it won’t matter at all if your haircut flatters your face.

Your hair is like fabric and what type of fabric you have depicts the care that is needed to make it look its best. Most of you posses  fine silk for hair, which is fine, thin and delicate. Others have denim, thick stiff and coarse hair. Not every haircut that looks good on a heart-shaped face will work with your hair type. I don’t know of anyone who has one type of face shape either. Most of you have two or more. You may have an oval forehead and a hear shaped jaw. We are all individual and cookie cutter haircuts don’t work for anyone. So, if you consider your face shape alone, you are not going to leave the salon happy. You have been given a haircut that “flatters” your face, but  not your hair. It will leave you frustrated because it won’t style correctly and is time-consuming in your busy, hectic schedule.    The magic trick I can share with you, it to get real with yourself and your hair. Talk with your stylist about what haircut works best with your hair TYPE and your lifestyle. Don’t try to make your hair do something it doesn’t want to do. No GOOD haircut should take a lot of time to style each day. The next time you see an article about hairstyles for your face shape, keep flipping the page because that is not the magic solution. Get a haircut for your hair type and lifestyle and you will never have been more happy.

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Little Secrets I know

  Do you know how many things that your hair stylist  knows about you simply by working with your hair? Your stylist has a perfect view of your hair, scalp and skin when doing your hair. Everything and I mean everything that goes into your body comes out on your hair. Often times when there is something going on good or bad within your body, your hair will tell the story.      I have been doing hair for more than 10 years now, so these are things I have learned along the way, so I speak for myself and not every single stylist out there. But, it is true and something to think about. If your stylist notices changes in your hair and suggests you see a Doctor, listen to them. Some of the things that I can tell simply by looking at someones hair and scalp are; Pregnancy, new medications, poor diet, diabetes (or the potential to get it), drug use, thyroid issues, cancer (the need to have a mole checked), stress and more. Surprised? My clients usually are too when I tell them this.

     Recently I spoke with a client who was talking about the worry of possibly having diabetes. I told her that the dark shaded area on the back of her neck often means that you have or can have diabetes and that she should go get that checked out. This conversation is exactly what inspired me to write this article.  Obviously my advice is just my observation of working with people and I am not a Doctor. What I think is important is this aspect of the relationship that I build with clients and how much your hair really reveals about you and your body.  I can tell when my clients are pregnant often times long before they know. The reason I can tell is because there is a sudden burst of new hair growth on their scalp. My clients think I am a psychic or something, but that is not it. Most of my clients have been with me a long time and I see changes easily with their hair and scalp.    

Your hair is like a piece of fabric to your stylist and the type of fabric that is currently really depicts the treatments and services that your hair needs in order to look its best. Trust your stylist and their recommendations for your hair. If they tell you to go get something checked out listen. If they want to pre-treat your hair before a color service so it removes build-up from the long list of medications you are taking, let them. If they tell you your hair is not in condtion to recieve a service you want, trust them. Your stylist is not psychic, just observant and very knowledgeable and really does know your hair, scalp and skin.

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Take a GOOD look, you’re a BRIDE!

I have said it over and over, but I sure do love weddings! I have been a stylist for over 10 years now and have been lucky enough to have been a  part of some really great weddings. I often travel on location and style the bride and her wedding party where the wedding will take place. If you are planning your wedding, think about that and having your stylist come to you.

   Because I have done so many weddings, I have learned a lot about wedding, planning, photos, you name it! I definitely have the confidence in my God-given talents to know that the brides hair will look its absolute best. With that said, the best hairstyles I have created have been when the bride is pretty relaxed about her hair and let’s me just do my thing.

     Recently my brother-n-law said “I DO” to his long time love and my new sister-n-law, Kyleen. They planned their wedding at their home this past August. Kyleen and I had talked about her hair, looked at photos and had a general idea of where we were going with it. I did recommend that she purchase clip-in extensions for the day to add fullness to her already long hair and I told her we had to work with the weather and the humidity. August weddings and hair don’t always mix. The heavy humid weather just makes hair go flat and I usually recommend the hair be put up no matter what.

    Kyleen completely trusted me on the wedding day and let me do what I  needed to her hair and makeup so that her look was complete and perfect. She never looked in a mirror once to check in with what I was doing. The best part is that the photographer  Sarah Marble, captured the moment that Kyleen got to see herself as a bride for the very first time. I absolutely love these photos, they take “Gettting Ginafied” to the next level.

My advice to all you brides out there is to trust your hair stylist and if you don’t think you  will or can, then find one that you can trust.  Trust their ability and knowledge of what is going to work and what isn’t going to work  with your hair. You have to consider your dress, the overall theme of the wedding, the weather, inside or outside ceremony, your hair type and texture and more. Look at photos and get a general idea of what you would like your hair to look like. Share these with your stylist, but don’t put the pressure on yourself or your stylist to make your hair look exactly like the photos.  Lastly, I would suggest capturing a moment like the ones in these photos. We all dream of our wedding day our whole lives and what we will look like as a bride. I just love this moment and am happy I got to share it with my new sister-n-law. Congrats Kyleen and Derek!


I welcome questions and comments. Please e-mail them to me at

If  you are looking for a stylist for your upcoming wedding I am taking reservations for the 2013 wedding season now. You can reach me at The L Factor Salon 989-5515

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Don’t Panic

     There have been a lot of beautiful pregnant ladies coming into the salon lately with beautiful heads of hair and the cutest bellies. Recently I was asked about hair shedding after that little bundle of joy showed up. I was a bit amazed at how many ladies were not aware that this will happen and why. I hope this article gives you some more information and puts your mind at ease.   It is normal and expected that we shed up to 150 hairs each day. Our hair grows in  3 month cycles. At one time 90% of your hair is growing and the other 10% is in resting phase. Every 2-3 months our hair is shedding to allow new hair to grow. This is just every day normal occurrence on our lovely little heads.      During Pregnancy  hormone levels put your hair in its resting phase so you do not shed as much hair as you normally would on a daily basis. I can attest that during my last pregnancy I did not shed one single hair for 38 weeks! I absolutely loved it and had awesome thick hair. So, ladies if your preggo right now, love it while you can. Once you deliver your hormones are going to crash and you can expect that 2-3 months after delivery, your hair is going to shed and it may seem scary and overwhelming to you. Don’t panic and know that you are not alone. It is ok to talk about it and I would encourage you to do just that and give your hair stylist a call.       During this time, make sure you are still getting proper nutrition (lots of fruit and veggies) and vitamin supplements (Vitamins B Complex, C, E, Biotin and Zinc).  Make sure you take extra special care of your hair as well. Be careful when combing (especially wet hair), lay off excessive styling and the use of blow dryers etc., Don’t sleep on your hair when wet or tie it back when wet (EVER, but especially now) and make sure you are using a quality shampoo and conditioner (I recommend Nioxin Products that are made especially for thinning hair).     Remember that hair loss postpartum is temporary and it will stop. Plan on it being completely over within 6 months of time. In the event that it doesn’t seem to be stopping and/or it is worse, contact your healthcare provider to assure you don’t have a thyroid issue or any other health problem. Also note, that if your hair is falling out DURING pregnancy you should be concerned and contact your Doctor immediately. This could be a sign of a vitamin deficiency and/or thyroid problem.  Our hair and it’s condition is a great way for us to know the overall health of our body, so pay close attention to it.

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Perfect wedding day photos

     I am very honored to know some really great local photographers and get to work with them often. Today, I introduce a guest to you. She is a friend of mine and I asked her to give a few tips to all of you so that your wedding day photos come out perfect!



     My name is Heidi Turner, I’m a professional photographer serving the greater Bangor area for the past  10 years. I met Gina over  14 years ago while she was attending hair school. While I pursued my photography studies and opening my own business, Gina became the successful hair stylist and business owner she is.  Me being a photographer and her being a stylist, we rely on each other’s  talents so much more than we ever realized.  I depend on a stylist to amplify a brides beauty for her big day, or enhance a 18-year-old do for her senior photos and a stylist depends on me to capture the true beauty and artistic touch they put on hair and makeup,  and produce quality images that will last a lifetime.

     When Gina asked me to guest write for her weekly article I was excited to reach a new audience and provided a few helpful tips to brides, high school seniors, or anyone having a professional photo shoot.  Here are a few crucial ideas to keep in mind from a professional photographer’s point of view:


1)     Don’t do your own hair. I’m not saying that you aren’t a good stylist, I’m just saying that a professional will be able to give you the glamorous look that will last all day.  I know we all try to skimp and save when it comes to a wedding budget but this is a must have ! Nothing compares to a professional “DO” and when you see your final photos you will be glad you spent the money on someone who knows how to make that “Hair Do” PERFECT. A stylist knows how to make your do last in our unpredictable Maine weather.



2)     Have a professional do your makeup !    Maybe you are a plain Jane and think makeup just isn’t you, or perhaps you are a makeup diva and don’t think anyone can do makeup better than you. Girls listen up – if you don’t usually wear makeup you will want to wear some makeup on your big day ! For photos sake you want at least lip gloss, blush and some eye make-up.  You want to be able to pick up a hint of makeup in your photos – you need contrast , not a plain palette.  And for those makeup divas out there, professional stylists like Gina now offer airbrush makeup.  This makeup last all day for your big day  and you will love the outcome in your final photos.


3)     NO Tan Lines. Do you know how many clients ask if I can photo shop there bikini lines from their final images. During a single event I can easily take over a thousand photographs ! You don’t want the extra charge and I want to get your images back to you as soon as possible. So save us both time and be conscious of your style bathing suit / wedding gown prior to your big day and watch out for those farmer tans !!!! Think ahead and your final photo images will be everything you ever dreamed of.

— Heidi Turner Photography

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When it doubt, WHACK IT OUT!

I am seeing a lot of this trend show up and I really love it so much I may have to try it out myself.


This is definietly a new trend. It may seem a bit scary to you. Try to think of how fun it would be to do it on a smaller scale? Maybe one small corner of your hair cut or the back and underneath of your already long hair.


SO, which one of you is going to call me and let me try this out on YOU?????????????


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Pool hair making you green?

After a brief hiatus from the blog, a great family vacation and now wedding season in full swing, I am back.  Remember I am always looking for blog ideas from my fans and clients and I also welcome questions. Email me at


  With the recent heat wave hitting us (WOOHOOOO), I am willing to bet that lots of you and your kids are spending time in the water and in the pool. If you have not noticed a green tinge in your hair by now, you will before summer is over. Blondes definitely noticed this more than other hair colors. It usually grabs onto the driest part of the hair, which is the ends. The good news? There are ways to prevent it and ways to get rid of it.

     Leave-in Conditioner is your best friend this summer. The sunshine dries our hair out and adding a leave-in to your routine will help to prevent that. Before you head to the beach or jump in the pool run some through your hair to help with color fading and to protect your strands from chlorine. If you are spending the whole day in the water, just re-apply the conditioner the way you do sunscreen.

    Chlorine is drying to the hair and can build up on the hair over time. Make sure you rinse your hair out after swimming in the pool each and every time. There are many professional shampoos that help remove chlorine and impurities. I would recommend contacting your hairdresser to ask them what they think is best for your hair. These products do tend to be drying to the hair, so use with caution and make sure you have a great conditioner to follow-up.

If the hair is super green and the shampoo is not working, you need to contact a professional to help with that. There are treatments and different processes they can use to get the green out of your hair. The best thing is to prevent it in the first place. SO, remember:

1. Use a leave-in Conditioner before

2. Purchase a professional shampoo that removes chlorine and impurities

3. Rinse your hair after swimming in chlorine

Today is another hot one, so I am off to the beach. I hope you are too!

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A legend Gone

The legend in Hair dressing, Vidal Sassoon, died at 84 back in May. This man deserves a thank you and is a true legend to this industry. He changed hair styling forever in the 1950′s buy implementing architectural design into haircuts and freeing women from once a week hairdo’s and roller sets

“When I first came into hair,  women were coming in and you’d place a hat on their hair and you’d  dress their hair around it,” says Sassoon. “We learned to put discipline  in the haircuts by using actual geometry, actual architectural shapes  and bone structure. The cut had to be perfect and layered beautifully,  so that when a woman shook it, it just fell back in.”

I see his style and vison in hair style trends each and every year. They are truly timeless and GENIUS! He inspired so many by wanting to teach others and help them to be come a success all on their own. Having a vision to change how women wore their hair and the courage to go out on a limb and open a salon of his own and start his own product line, inspired so many of us to want the same for our career in the cosmetology industry.


Thank you Vidal for your vision, talent and courage. Pure genius and such an inspiration! Rest in Peace!

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