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  1. Marisa Lawlor says:

    (Continued) etiquette. I felt like such an ass for not ever really respect my stylist’s time. I found your site to be extremely useful and called my stylist “Edward” to tell him just how inconsiderate, selfish, and rude I had been. Understanding the dynamics of his businesses and realizing that he’s a person too has changed my perspective now. Like he makes me a priority I will make him. Having the accesability to call on him whenever I please does not lesson the impirtance for me to honor my scheduled time. I have really appreciated your article and just wanted to really thank you. You hairdressers are not drop in and stop by whenever you want centers and I’m truly apologetic for ever treating your colleague

  2. Marisa Lawlor says:

    (Continued) as so! Again, thank you.

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